11 July 2007

Best of TTaT


  • The Dive at Machu Picchu

  • Phoenix Rising

  • What Not to Tell Me

  • One Year Ago

  • A Prelude to Bewitched

  • Question Mark, Jerk

  • Hamlet was my undoing: Part I

  • The Prom: Take Two (part 1)

  • Restraint

  • Goblets of Beer

  • Three Breaks

  • Tidbit

  • Beauty Parlor Nostalgia

  • Higher Altitude

  • 2006:

  • The Doctor is In

  • Either I've still got it, or I should be insulted

  • Night aerobics

  • The unconscious lie

  • Why wasn't it me?

  • Life at 16: The License Test

  • Little Creatures

  • Tacos and the bear

  • Good Friday Meets the Twilight Zone

  • PRSD

  • Blue gloves

  • I know that ass

  • The Screws of The Man

  • Heights, old and new

  • People are strange, myself included

  • I'm dreaming of a...

  • 2007:

  • Formalwear Claire

  • Pollocks in Nature

  • In the ground

  • Clash of the Foreign Tongues

  • Flashback: An Evening's Soiree Cycle

  • A follow-up of sorts

  • Talking 'bout the car wash

  • Trees fight back

  • Leaf density II

  • Let The Pictures Do The Talking: A Road Trip

  • When a canvas presents itself...

  • Behind the Harry Potter lines: redux

  • Not always the best skill

  • Defining References

  • Inadvisable, certainly

  • Clear sky at last

  • Ruins where I can get them

  • Only so much patience

  • retrovlog one: A Taste of the Jam

  • Remainders, 1 and 2

  • Once upon a time in San Francisco

  • Snowprints

  • 2008:

  • Thirty Year Old Jock-Thug

  • Claire's Bears

  • Fuzzy plant life

  • Additional tulips

  • Random Scan Sunday 1

  • Juicy Fruit: the survivalist's gum

  • Comic Book Guy's back room

  • Rhubarb!

  • To Be King Again

  • Humid!

  • Hibiscus

  • Cruise Night, round 1

  • Cruise Night, round 2

  • In motion

  • Art + Nature

  • Nap time

  • Autumn

  • Horizontal or vertical?

  • Milkweed

  • Fleeting

  • All but one

  • 2009:

  • Winter waters

  • Interrupted sky

  • Splitting headache

  • Almost time...

  • Near bust

  • Also this time of year

  • Out of Sheer Rage: Wrestling with D.H. Lawrence

  • Unintentional odds

  • I'll take a bear in my Easter basket any day.

  • The moment I've been waiting for

  • 20 self portraits from 1996, day 2

  • 20 self portraits from 1996, day 3

  • 20 self portraits from 1996, day 13

  • Making it official: coming out to my family

  • Haiku: Irony

  • It's short for Rococo. Obviously.

  • The unbuttoned twin, for Vahid

  • Before dinner...

  • After dinner...

  • Claire's Sublime Smoothies

  • Gettin' My Groove On... (vol. iv)

  • Gettin' My Groove On... (vol. xii)

  • 2010:

    Winter water drops

    Sketchbook, page 11

    BearWatch '10

    Sketchbook, page 13

    Final winter exhibits

    Pick me up flowers

    Light It Up, vol. 1

    5 years of TTaT!

    Sketchbook, page 17 + bonus sketch

    G BIV flora

    Gettin' My Groove On... (vol. xv)

    Interrupted Golf: j'accuse le printemps!

    Sketchbook, page 25


    Sketchbook, page 29

    It's OK to Zag.


    Lakeside Splash

    Trillium and self-portrait

    Favorite Semi Blurs

    Sketchbook, page 47: birthday edition

    Translucent Trillium

    Vinyl meets pollen

    Observations in my parents' kitchen

    Say "ah"

    Sketchbook, page 58: Self-portrait

    If you celebrate...


    Icicle Branches

    Biggest Bear Yet

    Flame whoosh

    I am a relaxation ninja.

    Poppy profile

    Bona fide tower

    Would you like cheese on that?

    The Power of Water, part 2

    And then there was Wind...

    Splotchy autumn colors



    Life of Art 2011: the year in review

    Like a Ninja

    Where Everybody Knows Your Name...

    Temporal Transportation

    The Pursuit of Moonrise

    Are you ready to Jummmbbbllleee?

    Note to self: vol. XVIII

    Inner Badass

    Super Moon



    Life of Art 2012: the year in review

    Blue Skies

    Fleeting Diner Love

    Fractional Storytelling #1

    Fractional Storytelling #9

    Fractional Storytelling #12

    Fractional Storytelling #14

    Longest haircut ever, part 1

    Longest haircut ever, part 2

    A Decade of Movies and Outings

    Out, damned spot!

    X-Ray Vision

    A Glimpse of Summer

    Flash, Crash, Rumble, Flash

    Window A/C Tips

    Left to my own devices...


    The Apex of Sociability


    Life of Art 2013: the year in review

    On Dinner and Dying

    Favorite Fortune Ever

    Happy Pride!

    Rosco, I think his name's Rosco

    Evening Stride

    Evening Snack

    Random Act

    Japanese Painted Ferns

    Nature's Javelin

    Keep Your Head In The Game

    Canopy Roads

    Christmas Eve


    Life of Art 2014: the year in review

    Best Part of Winter

    Things That Go Thump In The Night

    Winter's Work

    My First Haircut

    I'm like a little chipmunk

    Spring sighting?

    10 Years of TTaT!

    Triumphant Anxiety

    Tiny Sheep!

    Dusk Sighting


    Great Dane

    You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)


    Home-grown Carrot Round-up

    Eye-catching Mid-autumn Sighting

    Unintentionally Perfect

    Thanksgiving Haiku VII


    Klutzy Coordination

    Inverted Linguistics

    BearWatch is Go!

    19 Polar Bears

    Trigger Happy Startle Reflex


    Interrupted Art

    The Next Twilight Bear

    Sheep in Disguise

    How am I not myself?

    Tree Cutters' Haiku

    Why you should watch Wynonna Earp plus bits of real life

    A Recent Lottery Exchange

    Inspired by Wynonna Earp to Try Something New

    The Seen, The Heard, and The Unseen: a tale of Perseids

    A Recent Basement Discovery

    Rosco, officially

    Sights from a day

    Draw What's In Your Bag

    Blind Contour Self Portrait

    One of my happiest days this year

    Bacon Mysteries

    Today's Winter Sightings


    Snow Oddity

    Snow Falling

    Winter Roof Ice

    Introvert Meets Extrovert

    Extrovert continued


    Note to Self, vol. XXVI

    Things In Common

    A Low Growl

    Dinner conversation snippet

    Making Mölkky History

    Red Lion Amaryllis

    On Voicelessness

    Subconscious Earping

    Finding Cimmerian Darkness and Stygian Gloom, or How I Spent a Beautiful Summer Day

    Tales of the Black Badge

    Adventures in Shaving

    Winter Walk


    You'll Never Guess

    An Olympic Conversation

    To be fair...

    Spring Sightings

    A photograph for its own sake

    Happy Halloween!

    In the Category of Odd



    Time Warp




    Today's Sighting

    Barbecue Themes

    Alternative Covers

    Today's Sightings

    Summer Sounds

    Note to Self, vol. XXIX


    Bundt v. Tube

    Old Paperwork

    Daffodil Buds

    Spring Snow

    Something big and black

    Today's Many Sightings


    The Sound of Music

    Today's Sightings (and Hearing)

    Featured What A Year Holiday Card on Sale!

    Moondrop Grapes

    Insomnia Adventures




    Dinner at the Lake



    Utility Pole

    How to Recognize You Have Shingles (Anecdotal)

    A Critical Thing to Know About Shingles


    New (to me) Word

    2022: (through August)

    Caller ID


    Captain America

    Handwritten Wordle Notes From Games Past

    One year ago at TTaT: Wool

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