26 November 2015

Thanksgiving Haiku VII

Table leaves are in
Tasty smells waft through the house
Be thankful and eat.

Eleven cars parked
next door for Thanksgiving. My
neighbors are social.

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Thanksgiving haiku highlights of years past:

Thanksgiving haiku: Back to the Past (Original post includes the #TBT appropriate image described.)
Teenagers lined up
for a Thanksgiving portrait
many years ago.

Thanksgiving haiku: Back to the Future
DVR'ing the
parade for the first time.
No host banter-- yea!

The return of Thanksgiving haiku
Happy Thanksgiving!
Balloons in Macy's parade
are my favorite

Tofurkey haiku
tofurkey substitute, so
many side dishes!

2nd Annual Thanksgiving Haikuathon
What's up with mincemeat
pie? No meat? I might like it
if not for its name.

Thanksgiving haiku
Dad is shoveling
while Mom is throwing snowballs
up at my window.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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1 comment :

  1. Now the count’s thirteen
    cars. The neighbors must have a
    big turkey to eat.