29 January 2021

Life of Art #571 [Custom Name and Monogram Backpacks; Class of 2021 Grad Wrapping Supplies]

Created more backpacks with custom names and monograms. Each is available in several colors and 6 backpack styles.

Created several Class of 2021 Graduate Typography Wrapping Paper Sheets in various colors as well as in gold and silver foil options:

Also wrapping paper:

And Class of 2021 Graduate Typography Custom Text Foil Favor Tags in gold and silver:

Also created Class Of 2021 Graduate Chic Black White Typography Napkins:

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How was your week?

22 January 2021

Life of Art #570 [Custom Logo, Name, and Monogram Backpacks; Large Custom Logo Stamps]

Started creating some cool new custom backpacks for my shop, each available in 6 styles: Adidas, Puma, two Port Authority®, and two JanSport. Add your logo, monogram, or name:

Click through to see the yellow and pink options by selecting those colored dots on the product page's sidebar. Also available in blue and yellow.

Created some new Large Any Shape Business Logo Rubber Stamps:

Created a Light Blue and White Plaid Pattern with Monogram Magnet:

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How was your week?

15 January 2021

Life of Art #569 [Custom Logo Clocks, Photo ID Badges, Apple Watch Bands, Bandanas]

This week, I created several new Custom Business Logo Wall Clocks with different number styles and white, black, or navy blue backgrounds:

If you need employee badges with photo IDs, I filled out my collection with more color and style variations.

See the whole collection of Medical ID Badges here which includes versions with logos, barcodes, horizontal and vertical badges:

Also created several Custom Business Company Logo Apple Watch Bands in various colors:

Also a Two Custom Photos with Black Borders on White Apple Watch Band:

Created some Custom Business Logo Bandana in two styles, pattern and handkerchief style. The pattern is designed so that if you fold it in half along the diagonal to wear as a face covering, you won't fold your logo:

The other bandana style is designed so that if you fold it in quarters, your logo will be facing out:

Also created a Custom Business Logo Pattern on Purple 2 Sided Neck Tie:

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Made monthly backups. Have you backed up lately?

07 January 2021

What a week.

I'm delighted both Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff won their Senate runoff races which will give Democrats control of the Senate. I hope the Democrats run hard while they have that control to make things better for all of us.

On the flip side, I'm disgusted by the traitors that attacked the Capitol in an effort to overthrow the results of a free and fair election, those who clearly let them do it, Trump for instigating it, and certainly all those Republicans who have played along all these years by repeating Trump's lies.

The Constitution is clear, Amendment 14 section 3: once you've taken the Oath to defend the Constitution of the United States, you don't get to engage in insurrection and rebellion against the United States. 

Congress should use Amendment 25 to remove Trump from office today and impeach him.

Congress should also expel those of its members who have continually contested the election results with ZERO PROOF of election fraud. An election not going your way is no reason to undermine democracy and is, in fact, sedition.

I contacted my representative and senators and told them to use the 25th amendment to remove Trump from office today and to impeach him.

Accountability matters.

I urge you to contact your reps as well. Even if you know they're on board. Show them that it matters to you.

05 January 2021

Georgians! Vote for Warnock and Ossoff today!

Georgians: you have the power to break Mitch McConnell's GOP chokehold on the Senate and the opportunity to elect Senators who will work for you and Georgia when you vote for Democrats Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff today.

Help flip the Senate Blue.

Today, Tuesday, January 5, 2021 is your last chance to vote!

Find out where to vote at https://iwillvote.com.

If you are in line before polls close, stay in line. You have the right to vote.

Don't wait, vote for Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff now!

Have an absentee ballot? Do NOT mail it. Return it to a drop box now. You can find drop off locations at https://iwillvote.com.

02 January 2021

Books of 2020

Here are some stats on the 39 books I read in 2020. Just missed my goal by one. Usually I beat it, but months of no library access and then limited access affected my efforts this year.

I'm grateful to have as many books available as I do at home, but return deadlines do help me up my pace.

In any case, here are the stats GoodReads came up with (if I can get them to post, upload is being finicky).

OK, fine, super finicky. Won't let me upload. So instead here's a list whose formatting hopefully won't get super wonky:

1Naoya HatakeyamaPhotos by Naoya Hatakeyama; essays by others
2In Search of The Far SideGary Larson
3Women: The National Geographic Image CollectionNational Geographic, introduction by Susan Goldberg
4You are a Badass as Making Money: Master the Mindset of WealthJen Sincero
5Batgirl, vol.6: Old Enemies (Batgirl #30-36)Writer: Mairghread Scott; Pencillers: Paul Pelletier, Norm Rapmund, Elena Casagrande, Scott Godlewski, José Marzán Jr.
6Hound of The Far SideGary Larson
7Batwoman, vol. 2: Wonderland (Batwoman #7-11 (Rebirth))Writers: Marguerite Bennett, K. Perkins; Artists: Fernando Blanco, Scott Godlewski, Marc Laming
8Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and DreamsMatthew Walker, PhD
9The Art of MovementKen Brower and Deborah Ory, NYC Dance Project
10How to: Absurd scientific advice for common real-world problemsRandall Munroe
11Hurricane WavesClifford Ross
12The Art of MovementKen Brower and Deborah Ory, NYC Dance Project
13Henri MatisseSusan A. Sternau
14Worlds of Enchantment: The Art of Maxfield ParrishSelected and edited by Jeff A. Menges
15Chinese Flora and Fauna DesignsAmie Sun Ambrose
16MasqueradeKit Williams
17Miss Piggy's Treasury of Art Masterpieces from the Kermitage CollectionHenry Beard, archivist & editor; Michael K. Frith, curator of the collection; John E. Barrett, photographer of the exhibits
18Teddy Bears are better than men because…Written by Herbert I. Kavet, Designed and Illustrated by Martin Riskin, Concept by Lynn Rose-Michau
19The Thousand & One Nights; or The Arabian Nights' Entertainments, Volume FiveTranslated by Edward William Lane, with an introduction by Joseph Jacobs, and illustrations by Frank Brangwyn
20How To Sit (Mindfulness Essentials #1)Thich Nhat Hanh
21Japanese HaikuBasho, Buson, Issa, Shiki, Sokan, Kikaku, and others translated by Peter Beilenson
22SotatsuEdited by Ichimatsu Tanaka, English text by Elise Grilli
23Make More Art: a no bullshit guide to becoming a prolific creatorSrinivas Rao
24How To RelaxThich Nhat Hanh
25Early American Design MotifsSuzanne E. Chapman
26The Legends of Korra: Ruins of the Empire: Part ThreeWritten by Michael Dante DiMartino; Art by Michelle Wong
27The Cloud Collector's HandbookGavin Pretor-Pinney
28Creative Calling: Establish a daily practice, infuse your world with meaning, and succeed in work + lifeChase Jarvis
29How To WalkThich Nhat Hanh
30Stumptown, Vol. 1: The Case of the Girl Who Took Her Shampoo (But Left her Mini)Written by Greg Rucka; Illustrated by Matthew Southworth
31Chillpreneur: How to Run a Wildly Successful Business Without Losing Your Mind (or Your Money!)Denise Duffield-Thomas
32Breath: The New Science of a Lost ArtJames Nestor
33Daily Rituals: How Artists WorkMason Currey
34The Old Guard, Book One: Opening FireWritten by Greg Rucka; Art by Leandro Fernández
35How To Be An AntiracistIbram X. Kendi
36Superman Smashes the KlanWritten by Gene Luen Yang; Art by Gurihiru (a team of 2 Japanese artists: Chifuyu Sasaki and Naoko Kawano)
37How To EatThich Nhat Hanh
38Naoya Hatakeyama: Excavating the Future CityNaoya Hatakeyama (Photographs), Yasufumi Nakamori (Text), Toyo Ito (Contributor), Philippe Forest (Contributor)
39How To LoveThich Nhat Hanh

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01 January 2021

Life of Art #567 [Happy New Year! Vote for Warnock and Ossoff, Custom Photo Clock]

First up, Happy New Year!

For 2021, I wish you good health, happiness, and fun. Also restoration be it physical, mental, financial, security... whatever you need, I hope you get it.

If you live in Georgia, you can help us all out by voting for Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock on January 5 so they can flip the Senate blue. Find your voting or drop-off location.

Live in the US? Split a contribution to Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff at GAsenate.com to help them win their elections.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program...

Thank you for following along with my journey to create a life of art.

I had hoped to take this week off, but I've been going through some business training again that I think I'll mostly lose access to as it gets dripped out to the next round of students over 3 months. Let's just say it's a lot of info to take in even though I've done it before.

Anyway, at least I had the foresight to write and schedule this on Wednesday.

I did make one new product, a Create Your Own 4 Photo Modern Square Wall Clock:

Pinned to boards at Rocklawn Arts on Pinterest.

Shot 27 photographs, 2 videos. Culled 3 and rated rest.

Thanks again for following along. Cheers!