05 April 2022

Cell Time

Looks like I will finally have to get a new cell phone one of these days. The one my friend helped me pick out almost 20 years ago still works, just not with 5G. Though honestly, it seems like a scam because last time I tried it, it recognized the network, had 5 bars, and was able to relay a message saying it couldn't connect the call and I should contact the account holder (aka me) as if it's my fault (it's not!). 

Anyway, anyone know a good pay as you go phone that will work with 5G? 


10 years and 1 day ago on TTaTLucky 7

 Seeing that post made me realize I missed my blogiversary yesterday. Happy 17 to TTaT!

 Here are some highlights from last year: xvi, sedici, 16, seize, sweet sixteen!