15 November 2005


The classroom part of driver's ed was held after school at my high school. Our instructor was Mr. Ramirez. A big stoner from my class always called him Mr. Ramsey.

I heard that Mr. Ramirez lost his arm when he was a kid by sticking his arm out of a car window when a semi ripped past.

He usually leaned against the desk at the front of the classroom and held his prosthetic arm by the hook.


  1. Ouch! Highly dramatic!

    We had a teacher in high school with only one hand - which she hid so efficiently I think we were halfway through our first year before we noticed...

    But for Christmas someone gave her one glove, to the missing hand, oozing of empathy...

  2. Bizarre.

    We couldn't really miss the hook, but for a bunch of high school kids, we were very casual about it.