26 March 2021

Life of Art #579 [New Custom Photo Collage Wrapping Paper Sheets]

Most days this week felt like they got away from me. Just so tired. Other tasks and distractions lead to many late starts. I actually gave myself some slack this week. I recognize that not being able to do any of the things that used to help me recharge for a year is taking its toll. Also the fact I've only taken a handful of stray, non-consecutive days off since last year, not including weekends which always seem to be full of other chores.

I was working from home before the pandemic and am grateful I continue to be able to do so, but there just hasn't been a break. At least I got to soak in a few unseasonably warm days in the 60s and even a day just over 70 this week.

I did manage to create several 9 Photo Collage Wrapping Paper Sheets. Each 3 sheet set features 5 horizontal photos and 4 vertical photos separated by different colored thin borders. Click through to add your own photos:

Also shot over 155 photographs (I have more yet to upload) and 12 videos. Trees getting cut down provided some entertainment and new views.

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How was your week?

19 March 2021

Life of Art #578 [New Checkered Blue Gradient Design and Custom Photo Gift Wrap]

Created a new Checkered Light to Dark Blue Gradient Pattern which I added to leggings, iPhone cases, home decor, a tote bag, wrapping paper, and office supplies.

Check out pillows, lamps, blankets, and duvet covers in the Stylish Blue Gradient Home Decor collection:


iPhone Cases:

Office and Accessories:

Party  Supplies and Wrapping Paper:

New 9 Photo Template Wrapping Paper features horizontal and vertical photos with different color borders:

Also available in wrapping paper sheets (more background colors to come):

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12 March 2021

Life of Art #577 [New Blue Gradient Design and New File Folder Sets]

Created new Light to Dark Blue Gradient and Checkered Gradient patterns. Added the minimalist sky blue gradient to leggings, iPhone cases, home decor, party and office supplies.


iPhone Cases:

Home Decor:

Party Supplies:

New Gradient File Folder Sets:

Created several new File Folder sets with gradients and checkered gradients in various colors:

Created a Light to Dark Green Gradient Home Decor collection:

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Shot photographs I've yet to upload.

Made monthly backups. 

Have you backed up lately?

06 March 2021


A weighted metal cord hangs from a picture hook on my wall. Several postcards and images are attached to it via very small disc-shaped magnets that came with the cord as a stocking stuffer years ago.

This morning:

My blackout curtains were still closed but light seeped through a narrow gap at its edge illuminating part of my wall. It wasn't too bothersome because it was mostly blocked by the tall desk my grandfather built.

To the far side of the desk is where my metal cord hangs.

Every postcard or small image on it was completely outlined with light.

It was beautiful, strange, captivating.

The one larger image on the cord is a cover from an old Scientific American with a painting of a cheetah's face close-up. Instead of being surrounded by light, shadows fell across it which were moving. My curtain looked still, so I couldn't decide where the shadows were from.

I drowsily closed my eyes but kept turning back and forcing them open to see this unique light framing my postcards.

Eventually I got up and opened the curtain closest to me, perpendicular to the wall with the desk, other windows, and the metal cord. Although it's relatively North-facing, my room was infused with bright light which extinguished the cool light effect on the other wall.

Until tomorrow, maybe.

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05 March 2021

Life of Art #576 [New Light to Dark Green Checkered Gradient Design]

Created a new Light to Dark Green and White Gradient Checkered Pattern which I added to leggings, iPhone cases, home decor, and party supplies.


Also created Fancy Easter Eggs Pattern Light Blue Leggings:

Light to Dark Green and White Checkered Pattern iPhone Cases:

Home decor:

Party Supplies:

Created Checkered Light to Dark Green Ombré Pattern Napkins and Modern Checkered Green Gradient and White Pattern Wrapping Paper:

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