31 October 2020

Moondrop Grapes

Moondrop grapes look like they grew next to a nuclear power plant (twice as long as normal grapes, sort of an eggplant shape), but I don't even care because they are sweet, seedless, and tasty! 

If I develop superpowers, that's just a bonus! :)


Vote Now!

Always remember polls do not decide elections, VOTERS do. 

1. Go vote! Early in person if you can. 
Or drop off your mail in ballot yourself ASAP. (It may not get there in time if you mail it.)

2. Vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and Vote Blue (for democrats) all the way down your ballot!

Need to find out where to vote or where to return your ballot? This site is easy to navigate: https://iwillvote.com/

If you're voting by mail, fill it out and drop it off yourself as soon as possible. Follow every instruction to make sure your vote will count.

If you decide to vote in person, vote early if you can. Know your voting rights (e.g. your right to stay in line if polls close, what to do if machines are down, your right to a provisional ballot, etc.).

Vote like your rights depend on it because they do.


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