27 July 2013

X-Ray Vision

This morning I experienced x-ray vision. Not proper x-rays but rather the Christopher Reeve Superman style where you can see through objects.

I was lying in bed looking out my window at a group of maple leaves illuminated by the sun. The window's grid ran in front of some of the leaves but I was still able to see the leaves uninterrupted through it although slightly darker. It was as though the grid was transparent.

Must be a goofy brain thing where it fills in the gaps with the slightly different information it receives from each eye, I thought to myself. I tested the theory by closing each eye one at a time but I was still seeing through the grid. Huh.

I continued looking out the window examining the leaves behind or through the grid.

Ah, it must be a reflection. Since there is a window a/c, the bottom pane of my window is up creating a section of overlapping panes of glass. The brightly lit leaves were hitting the innermost glass and reflecting back onto the grid giving the appearance of transparency.

It all depends on viewing it with the right lighting at the right angle.

Here's to waking up to a new superpower and then solving a scientific mystery. A fun way to start the day.

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