29 May 2020

Life of Art #536 [Car Flags, Employee Photo ID Badges, Rainbow Thank You Items]

Being the strange year that it is, I decided to add some car flags to my shop to help people celebrate graduates, say thank you to healthcare workers, and encourage people to vote blue.

Rainbow thank you items also include car magnets, stickers, and gift tags:

Created Custom Employee Photo Medical ID Badges in new color variations including dark red, blue, and blue-green:

See the rest of the new versions in this collection:

New custom logo face masks are also available:

And a new vote blue face shield with white text on a tinted blue:

And finally, I created a Bold Navy Blue and White Buffalo Plaid Pattern Business Card (the pattern is on the back side of the card):

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How was your week? I hope you are healthy and well. Stay safe.

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22 May 2020

Life of Art #535 [Custom Face Shields, Rainbow LGBT Pride Gear, Father's Day Gifts]

New to my shop this week are custom face shields for social distancing in various color tints, gradients, rainbow patterns, vote blue, and several business options:

More logo and custom text face shields are in this collection:

Celebrate your LGBTQ+ Pride with a new bright rainbow pattern on stickers, temporary tattoos, leggings, and t-shirts:

See more t-shirt and legging color variations in this collection (visit a t-shirt's product page to see more colors and styles in the sidebar):

Celebrate your Dad with a custom air freshener which has 5 scents to choose from. Click through to add your photo &/or text, and to see other color variations shown as dots under "design theme" on the product page sidebar:

Also created a Modern Monogram Black and White Checkered Pattern OtterBox iPhone Case:

Pinned to boards at Rocklawn Arts on Pinterest.

Shot some photographs I've yet to upload.

How was your week? I hope you are staying healthy and well.

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21 May 2020

Miss Piggy's Treasury of Art Masterpieces from the Kermitage Collection

Miss Piggy's Treasury of Art Masterpieces from the Kermitage Collection17. Miss Piggy's Treasury of Art Masterpieces from the Kermitage Collection by Michael Frith

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If you love art and The Muppets, in particular Miss Piggy, I highly recommend this book! Had I read this as a kid I would've missed so many of the jokes or taken it too seriously. Reading it now as an adult was perfect, a delightful discovery in the home library. So much fun!

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20 May 2020

Today's Many Sightings

Today's sightings: purple and white iris reticulata blooming, Rosco lying on the grass in his yard on my 2nd lap. Fortunately his owner was standing nearby, saw me and said, "You stay right there," to Rosco for which I was much appreciative since he was off-leash. I didn't mean to be rude, but I didn't even glance over to them because I didn't want to trigger Rosco's usual charge to come say hello.

At the bottom of the hill, I stopped on the bridge to look down a shaded creek and saw a large dark bird swoop down. The silhouette didn't look like a crow, and then it seemed to land in the water at the bend. I took a few steps to see better and it was paddling along the surface of the water. A duck!

At least that seemed most likely. It was pretty far away and I didn't have my glasses with me. But then I saw it in profile. Yup. Duck.

Meanwhile there was some incessant chirping that sounded like it was from smaller birds going on. I hadn't seen them but started looking at the rocks in the creek closer to me. Then I caught the movement: two little ducklings that were silhouetted in the shade about twenty feet away.

I bet it's them chirping their heads off because mama flew about fifteen feet downstream past the shallows with rocks (where the babies were) to where the water's a bit deeper.

I watched the ducklings float around, chirping away, until finally they started to swim forward around the rocks. There were a bunch of rocks showing above the water because the brook was shallow there, so there were little eddies the baby ducks had to navigate. In no way would you call it rapids, but I found myself thinking it was still probably pretty scary for them to forge ahead.

All the while, mama patiently swam around saying nothing.

When the little ducks were mostly through the ten feet of shallow rocky section, the chirping stopped. They must be able to see mama, I thought to myself.

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15 May 2020

Life of Art #534 [Best Dad Ever Photo Template Gifts, Graduation Signs, Custom Logo Car Magnets, Arrow Signs]

Added some new product types to my shop this week including air fresheners, circle and arrow shaped lawn signs.

Expanding gift options for Father's Day, I added more photo templates with customizable "Best Dad Ever" text and buffalo check borders in a variety of colors to air fresheners and faux canvas prints. The air fresheners have 5 scents you can choose from.

See the rest of the new Best Dad Ever color variations in this collection:

Celebrate your grad with a cool lawn sign, available in several colors:

Cool Class of 2020 Graduate air fresheners make a fun small gift:

Have business on your mind? Check out the collection of new Custom Logo Car Magnets. There are bumper sticker style magnets, circle, square, and rectangle magnets to accommodate any shape logo on white, black, and navy blue backgrounds:

Created a Monogrammed Bold Black White Buffalo Plaid Pattern Business Card:

Created Arrow Signs for Yard Sales, and Arrow Signs for Realtors and Landlords which are in two new collections:

Some cool new rainbow pattern face masks are also now available:

Pinned to boards at Rocklawn Arts on Pinterest.

Shot 37 photographs, culled 4, rated rest.

Read/watched "How to Light a Photo in Photoshop with Lighting Effects by Colin Smith"

"How to Light a Portrait Photo in Photoshop by Colin Smith"

"How to Emboss a logo or icon in Photoshop by Colin Smith"

How was your week? I hope you're healthy, staying home if you can, and staying safe.

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