28 October 2010

Say "ah"

With blue gloved hands, she picked up a small square of blue material and said, "Stick out your tongue."

I did and my dental hygienist used the fabric square to hold it while she moved it around to look at my tongue. She let go, put the square down and then said, "Say, 'ah.'"


"That was great! I could see everything," she exclaimed.

Um, okay.

She went on, "Some people, I swear, they think I'm gonna drop something down their throat or something."

Huh? That never crossed my mind. Until now.

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  1. Don't you love it when people put (unwanted) ideas into your head. Sheesh.

  2. omg, I didn't even get into when she misheard me. I asked if they'd gotten new counters, but she thought I'd said coats and then I got a long story about the black dental coat she was wearing instead of white because *she didn't want to look like a butcher*!

    Fortunately I don't mind dentists/dental hygienists so I found it all amusing.