27 April 2012

Life of Art SitRep #116 Return of the tangibles

It's been a stressful week, but I feel like I've just reached the turning point, or at least a turning point towards the better. Fingers crossed that I will sleep better tonight.

Despite my anxieties, I was pretty productive this week.

I got out and shot a bit: ferns unfurling, pansies, and hosta leaves. None, alas, quite what I was envisioning due to background issues but good to be shooting all the same.

I watched Post-Wedding Workflow with Zach and Jody Gray, another Creative Live workshop. I know, it doesn't sound like my thing at all, but there were some good work structure tips that I've been working to implement this week. Mainly stuff about scheduling tasks and making lists. Obvious, sure, but easy to skip and easy to lose productivity because of it. My approach is fairly loose thus far, but I'm working to minimize distracting time suck activities.

Tweeted a sale and some new products, updated my Rocklawn Arts lens and American Southwest scenes lens, added a link to a lens, posted a total of 64 product highlights to promotional blogs and my Rocklawn Arts blog, and rearranged my store a bit.

I added 184 new skins for 23 existing photographs in my shop. Close to done, though I still need to make templates for vertical images and then do those. A few favorites:
Bokeh in Spring musicskins_skin
Bokeh in Spring by RocklawnArts
View more gifts on Zazzle.

These are all available on all manner of electronic devices, so if you're looking for a skin for something specific, let me know and I'll see if I can make it for you.

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20 April 2012

Life of Art SitRep #115 Intangibles

A productive week but without many visible results at the moment.

You know the sense of accomplishment you get when you finish a large time consuming step? I finished one of those (or at least another significant chunk of one of those) this week. Step two which I thought would be easier and faster is proving to be time consuming in its own right. Ah well, that's how it goes sometimes.

Nonetheless, progress.

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13 April 2012

Life of Art SitRep #114 Counterintuitive

So this week I got a lot done despite being sick. Haven't felt too badly past couple of days but I haven't quite kicked it and my energy and patience are low. At the moment, all I really want to do is play Lego Harry Potter. I'm so close to done with that game.

To sum up, I created 62 templates and 138 new products for my store.

Custom Skins for guitar controllers, laptops, phones, hard drives, headphones, iPads, and more.

Also added some more Tangerine Tango to my shop with an Orange and White Gingham Pattern:

Check out the complete collection of Orange and White Gingham Pattern products.

I also soaked in a ridiculous amount of workshop time via Creative Live. Rewatches for the final day are running now. Check it out!

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08 April 2012

Extreme Duplex Makeover with Werner Herzog and David Lynch

My friend Will has donned his Herzog persona once again to bring us Extreme Duplex Makeover.

(run time 09:51)

I prefer the long version but there is a shorter 04:49 version at FunnyOrDie.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate it!

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06 April 2012

Life of Art SitRep #113 Holding pattern, sort of

My computer is back with a new screen, huzzah! Of course they seem to have scratched the back of my computer in the process, and I'm still sorting through minor software tweaks that are popping up, but it didn't cost me anything, so the past few days were not a waste of time.

I did manage to get a few things done this week in spite of my absent computer. Alas, I also discovered the limitations of my old PowerPC iMac which are sadly many. It's not compatible with current web browsers which is a damn shame since that would be a great use for it. Instead it barely pulls up email clients reverting them to older less friendly versions to boot.

Anyway, I finished watching "Lightroom 4 Fundamentals with Laura Shoe" and started watching "Lighting Essentials with Don Giannatti" on Creative Live. The latter runs through Saturday and is very cool.

Also, damn, what did the repair guy do with my BlogAssist? (He removed most everything I had set to open on startup, grr.) OK, found it.

I finished designing the business card I was working on and have actually already received them. I like how they turned out. Not sure who I'm going to give these out to anti-socialite that I am, but what the heck, they cost me only the time to make them.

Also added a new design to my shop:
Orange and White Chevrons
Check out the complete collection of Orange and White Chevrons products.

Made 10 templates for various skins: iPhone 4/4s, iPad 3, XBOX 360, Kindle Fire, WD My passport skin, Skullcandy Lowrider Headphone, Guitar Hero Les Paul xbox/ps3/wii skin, Rockband guitar skin, laptop skin.

And then applied them to my current 8 chevrons designs.
Rainbow Chevrons musicskins_skin
Rainbow Chevrons by RocklawnArts
Browse other gifts designs on Zazzle.

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04 April 2012

Lucky 7

Yup, that's right: TTaT is 7 today. Hardly seems possible.

My computer is in the shop with the hope of sorting out a couple of annoyances before my warranty runs out. Fingers crossed. Hopefully won't take too long but I haven't even heard word of the diagnostic yet. Only dropped it off Monday though and they work in order received. Been using my old computer and it feels like a Time Machine because new browsers won't work on it and the sites that do work revert to old styles. Had not realized how much I've come to love the current versions of gmail and yahoo mail.

Anyway, borrowing a more current PC just now and the keyboard is driving me a bit nuts.

None of this has anything to do with my blogiversary, so let's get back to that...

I meant to be fancier but ah well...

Thanks to all of my readers lo these many years. I appreciate you and your comments.

In celebration, I share with you the rad music video "I'm the One That's Cool."

Oh how I love Felicia Day. I'm not pulling off the cool anywhere but in my head, but I appreciate the sentiment all the same. Here's to us, we geeks of blog!

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