30 November 2008


After I snag my brassieres from the washer, I hang them on my bedroom doorknob to dry. Once they are dry, they... um... stay there until I grab one to wear.

I need more drawer space, but I think that the hanging bras really indicate that I'd rather have more closet space, preferably in the form of a walk-in.

Do you think Santa could help? He got that house for Susan Walker after all.

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28 November 2008

27 November 2008

The return of Thanksgiving haiku

Happy Thanksgiving!
Balloons in Macy's parade
are my favorite

Missed seeing Snoopy
in the parade. Made me sad.
Huzzah for the web!

Brown leaves cling to oak
tree. Grey skies with peeking blue.
Bright diffused sunlight.

Ooh, I love this song
"Walking on Air" by Kerli.
Jigglin' in my chair.

From 2006:
Curried fruit is done
Already the house smells great:

What's up with mincemeat
pie? No meat? I might like it
if not for its name.

From 2005:
Dad is shoveling
while Mom is throwing snowballs
up at my window.

In reply, I stuck
out my tongue and waved at her.
It looks cold outside.

Check out the comments on those posts for more T-day haiku from other bloggers, and feel free to leave one here. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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26 November 2008


When I was growing up, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving meant half-days at school and leaving to visit relatives. A drive that could be done in 9 hours under ideal conditions would take 11 on this day, sometimes 12 if the weather was bad.

It might not have been quite as long if I'd skipped the half-day, but by middle school all my teachers made a point of covering something pertinent, and I hated having to make work up. Once my brother left for college, we didn't drive down for Thanksgiving as often.

Part of me misses the long table with all the people, but the last time we were all down at the farm 10+ years ago, my brother and his wife were late and my aunt kind of wrote them off. Now my grandparents are dead, I don't much like those cousins, and I'm sick of being stranded while my cousins, brother, and his wife go out to smoke, or to a smoky bar, or most enviously go home while I remain for days.

On that note, I'm grateful that I'm not in a car right now enduring all the extra hassles of traveling on this particular day. Also, I'm thankful that I'll be with my parents tomorrow enjoying my quintessential T-day meal.

Have a pleasant tomorrow, everyone.

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24 November 2008

Life images online

In the realm of damn cool, Life magazine has put their photo archives online at Google Images.

My new favorite search (within Google Images) is:

The totally cool thing is that you can narrow that search with a category or person's name. E.g.,
source:life Katharine Hepburn
source:life war
source:life home
source:life airplane
source:life Ansel Adams

Clicking on a thumbnail image will provide details about the photo's content, where and when it was taken, who shot it, as well as enlarging it.

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23 November 2008

Free Dr Pepper TODAY ONLY

A little over 7 hours left on the countdown clock, so if you'd like them to mail you a coupon for a free Dr Pepper, get clicking.

Free Dr Pepper!

You need a US address, and it looks like the offer ends at midnight Eastern time.


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22 November 2008

21 degrees in November?

In early afternoon?

You know, that's into negative numbers in Celsius.


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19 November 2008

#11-15 (omg, so good)

40-44. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 8, Volume 3: #11 "A Beautiful Sunset" by Joss Whedon, Georges Jeanty; #12-15 "Wolves At The Gate" Parts 1-4 by Drew Goddard, Georges Jeanty (5/5)

Loved it. Can't wait for the next five issues to come out in volume 4.

And now, hitting 'publish' and stepping away from the distraction.

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17 November 2008

$50 for general admission?!

They've forgotten that general admission is supposed to be on the cheap side.

I was thinking about when I might visit a friend of mine in LA and found myself tempted by the Xena Convention at the end of January/beginning of February. I scrolled down past the fancy weekend packages looking for the cheapest single day ticket that would let me see Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor only to find that it costs fifty bucks.

I know it's been several years since I've been to any conventions, but I think $50 is outrageous for a non-reserved seat way in the back. Also, it doesn't include the $7.25 shipping and handling fee that I'm fairly certain they charge you even if they don't mail you the ticket because you're picking it up at will call.

Creation Entertainment runs all the major fan conventions including Star Trek, so they've got a monopoly and they know how to exploit it.

So... $57.25 to see Lucy from 100 feet away? I think I'll stick to watching stray clips online.

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13 November 2008

10 November 2008

See one, Do one, ...

...Teach one?

Even if more of my photos had come out (damn P&S was mistakenly set to M instead of auto), I'd still recommend seeing this done in person before trying it. Think of this more as auxiliary tips if you decide to give it a try. E.g., having a cohort around for that first attempt is handy.

It's generally my habit to watch repair guys at work to gain insight into how to fix things myself the next time. About seven years ago, my dryer stopped working. I was surprised when I saw how relatively simple the inner mechanics were: the drum that you put your clothes into is surrounded by a belt placed over a drive motor and pulley. My belt had broken so he replaced it and that was that... until this weekend.

Mom complained of a sound her dryer was making, so I offered to take a look. I remembered that the repairman had pulled off the top first, and it looked like hers would do the same. I opened the dryer door and on the top of the door frame found two screws which I removed. top screwThen I popped the top off and looked inside. [If you're going to do anything to the interior, you should unplug the dryer or flip its circuit breaker off. In fact, it'd be a good idea to this before popping the top.]

The belt wasn't broken but it did look dry which might've been causing it to slip. Dad mulled over whether to have it fixed professionally or to buy a new one while I tried to remember what the next step was.

Then I noticed two screws that seemed to attach the front to the left and right sides:
left screw right screw

Dad decided to pick up a replacement belt locally and let me give it a shot.

I removed the 2 screws I'd found and the front came loose. However, there were three wires running to the left side of the front piece that I didn't recall. (I highly recommend letting less than 7 years elapse between seeing one and doing one.) Removing them would not be simple and reattaching them would require soldering. That's when I remember I only needed to swing the front out of the way while leaving the wires attached.

We couldn't see much inside the dryer and there was still a low front panel in the way. Do not take all the myriad screws out of this low front panel as you will discover you can't remove it anyway. Instead, only remove the two left-most screws that are holding the left side panel of the dryer from it. There was also another screw near the top dryer controls that also connected to the left panel. Remove that.

It's worth noting that this whole process will be A THOUSAND TIMES EASIER if you have easy access to the left side (as you're facing the controls) of your dryer. We couldn't pull this one forward because doing so would probably break the ventilation duct extending from the back.

Around this time, I remembered that the repair guy had angled my machine to the right so he could access the left side. I had a laundry room/storage space in those days which allowed for that maneuver as opposed to the laundry closet my parents have.

Anyway, I was able to pop the left panel open a little bit which gave us enough room to see the pulley and reach an arm in.

Although, we'd looked at diagrams of the machine online as well as threading patterns for the belt, it turned out they were all drawn backwards to how we were viewing it and didn't really represent our machine though they said they did. Dad pulled the belt off the idler pulley so we could remove the drum, but once he'd taken that step, it was impossible to see what the threading pattern had been.

Instead, I recommend drawing a diagram of what you feel the belt doing with regards to the idler pulley and drive motor as well as its relation to the drum before you remove the belt.

Once you slide the belt off the back of the drum, it just lifts forward and out. This is a good time for vacuuming up any lint deposits within.

Check the parts for obvious signs of wear. If you find none (other than the belt), make sure the rod the idler pulley is on has plenty of grease.

Make sure you understand how the belt goes back on, and then loop the new belt over the drum. Grooved side of the belt goes down. Slide the drum back into place, it fits into a notch on the back. Then thread the belt. Without full access to the left side of the dryer, this is challenging. My left arm wasn't strong enough, and it took my Dad a while to get.

Once the belt is threaded, or you think it is, lift up on the drum a little bit and rotate it. There are fins on the lower front of the drive motor that should rotate if it's threaded correctly. Once you're sure you've got it, replace the screws that attach the left panel. The front panel only has two screws but there are notches which must line up correctly for it to pop in place. Once it has, put the screws back.

The top similarly has tabs and notches which must align. Line up the holes at the back by the controls first, then lower. You will need to pull forward slightly so it won't catch. Then as the panel gets closer to horizontal, you need to give it a shove towards the back before it will click in place. (If you're having trouble, look at the top panel from the side as you lower it. You'll be able to see what it's hanging up on.)

Then replace the screws that extend from the door frame to the top, turn the power back on, and check your handy work.

In my case, so far, so good. The dryer works and isn't making the weird sound anymore, so I'm well chuffed.

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08 November 2008

And now for some things random...

Elisabeth tagged me the other day with the following parenthetical aside: "one of the most interesting bloggers on my blogroll, but whom I do not feel I know very well." How could I pass that tag up?

Six Random Facts About Me meme rules:

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write six random things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.
5. Let each person know they’ve been tagged and leave a comment on their blog
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

Random fact #1: I'm right-handed but left-eyed. This means that any time I look through a camera's viewfinder, I use my left eye if possible. Most motion picture cameras are designed for right-eyed people. It took some getting used to when I first started shooting in college.

Random fact #2: When I get an epistaxis*, blood only pours out of my right nostril.

Random fact #3: I was a DJ in college. During pledge week one year, I worked the phones during the reggae show that came on after mine. One caller's Jamaican accent was so thick, I kept asking him to spell stuff for me until in frustration, he asked me if English was my second language.

Random fact #4: There are tv shows I watch now that have been on longer than the five years my niece has been alive. That kind of blows my mind.

Random fact #5: I couldn't reliably tell time on analog clocks until 7th grade. Quelle heure est-il? The delay in my answers was not because I didn't know the French. I just had a hard time deciphering the analog clock pictures that had no numbers on them in our workbooks.

Random fact #6: If the interwebs had been 7 years further along when I was living in LA, I might still be there.

(Consider yourself tagged if you'd like to play along.)

*FreeRice in action, baby.

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06 November 2008


I just found my grad school diploma. Yea for finding items that weren't where I first expected them to be.

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05 November 2008

All but one

So... those photos I've been looking for for over 4 years? Not in the hot pink notebook I've yet to find. However, all but one and several I'd forgotten were in a folder from a box I snagged out of storage yesterday.

A few gems:
hot & sexy girls
Lingerie Modeling, Hot & Sexy Girls!

moving dolly track
My guys adjusting dolly track

G at Disney World
Disney World!

Diner foursome
Some crew as extras

Rooftop quartet
Shooting rooftop production stills

Regarding that last photo, I still can't believe I never got to see any of the shots I took for production, at least a few rolls worth if not more. The shot I was taking in that photo, it would've been pretty damn sweet.


Though I'm proud of us for electing Barack Obama, all the measures against gay rights that passed have tempered my optimism. We are still a deeply divided country.

Some day we will all have to understand that equality is equality, you don't get to pick and choose to whom it applies if you really believe in freedom. I don't comprehend what is so threatening about gay marriage.

May we all be less insecure in the future.

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03 November 2008

Read your ballot carefully...

...and don't forget to vote for Obama!

Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 4th.

Look up where to vote with Google maps voting info. To be safe, you might want to verify it with a call to your city or town hall.

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