15 June 2017

Things In Common

I've seen the extrovert at the library a couple of more times since last I wrote about her. Both were brief and she didn't make an effort to overly extend our interactions, so I concluded that she's not interested in me, just friendly with people in general.

Today I stopped by to pick up a couple reserves that had come in. She didn't refer to me by name but she knew without asking which items on the shelf behind her were mine.

She placed them on the counter and said, "May I ask where you heard of this book?"

"Which one is it?"

She flipped it around so I could read the cover. "Amanda Palmer," I said.

"Yes!" She was genuinely excited which made me smile. "She was so great on Tim Ferriss' podcast."

I don't listen to his podcasts but elaborated, "She's great. I love her. I saw it in Tools of Titans, probably what I got most from that book is a lot of other books I want to read."

She nodded and asked, "Have you seen her in concert?"

"No, well, I've seen her webcasts live."

Another enthusiastic, "Yes! I just ordered one of her CDs, Theatre is Evil."

"It's really good," I said.

She looked me in the eye and said, "I knew it," as she raised two fingers below her eyes and flipped them out towards me in an I'm-watching-you gesture that in this case conveyed we are simpatico.

Dig it.

I nodded and smiled, returning the gesture.

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