11 July 2021

Heavy Duty Dumpster Truck?

Turns out the official name for the heavy duty dumpster truck the construction crew started using last week to haul out rocks, boulders, & dirt is an articulated hauler. It's a beaut.

The articulated part is because the front can rotate independently from the back.
And yes, Volvo makes construction equipment. They also made the 2 large excavators they're using.

10 years ago on TTaTAs good as it gets!

04 July 2021

6 Pack

Thought I'd roll the dice and check for a 4th of July sale and saw my favorite underwear in a 6 pack with the color selection I like for a great price.

I checked the free shipping threshold price and started searching for the kind my Mom likes since I know she'd like some more too. Emailed her a link to check out and then went back to the sales page with the pack I want.

That's when I saw the only available size: 4.

Ah. Oh well.

16 years ago on TTaTsomething I love