27 July 2018

Life of Art SitRep #441 It's beginning to look a lot like what now?

Lots of reading articles, critiques, research, and videos this week. Working on leveling up my winter holiday game.

However, I started the week by adding more Embroidered Political Hats to my shop. Here are a few:

See the rest of the Embroidered Baseball Caps. They are available in several colors and 3 styles.

I also created some geometric tree shapes which I started adding to items in some variations, White Trees on Mint Green Christmas Pattern, Modern Mint Green Trees on White Christmas Pattern, and Modern White Trees on Red Christmas Pattern:

More to come!

Also created a Bold Modern Blurred Christmas Tree Lights Holiday Card:

Pinned to boards at Rocklawn Arts on Pinterest.

How was your week?

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22 July 2018

Haiku In English

Haiku in English23. Haiku in English by Harold Gould Henderson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

So I thought this was going to be a collection of haiku, you know, written in English, but it's really not. It's more of a discussion of what makes a haiku a haiku when written in Japanese and how some things don't translate well to English because of cultural and language differences. There are some suggestions for how to proceed though.

It's interesting.

Also most of the haiku I've written would not qualify as haiku. Adhering to a 5-7-5 syllable count is less important than having it reference nature, be of a specific moment, and evoke an emotion I experienced without being direct about it.

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20 July 2018

Life of Art SitRep #440 Baseball Caps

Lots of behind the scenes work this week including a massive reorganization of the Home folder in my shop. I need to add a few folder images to help with navigation yet.

Created Happy 30th Birthday Black White Geometric Pattern Wrapping Paper, and some Modern Wave Pattern Blue Gradient Wrapping supplies:

Also created my first embroidered baseball caps!

Pinned to boards at Rocklawn Arts on Pinterest.

Watched more course mentoring hours.

How was your week?

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15 July 2018

13 July 2018

Life of Art SitRep #439 Vote Blue gear

Research, analysis, action pretty much sums up this week. Plus a trip to a botanical garden with a sculpture exhibit, a nice recharging break.

Created a Vote Blue design in a few variations with blue watercolor text for two of them and bold white text for the other two and created a new Vote Blue Election Gear collection:

Also ventured into a couple of new products types with trucker hats and a variety of yard signs:

Also created a few more items for my Modern Black White Geometric 30th Birthday Party collection:

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How was your week?

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07 July 2018

Under Construction

Under Construction18. Under Construction by Hatakeyama Naoya

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I absolutely LOVE this collection of photographs. They combine some of my favorite things: construction in progress, exceptionally cool architecture, and a library. Hatakeyama's images are very much my aesthetic.

Toyo Ito is the architect and his design is striking.

The construction site pictured is of the Sendai Mediatheque and its progress over the course of about two and a half years.

There are introductions by the photographer and architect both in Japanese and English. At the back of the book there are thumbnails of all the images with descriptions of what they are of also in English and Japanese.

The only thing odd about the book is its binding. It's sort of half hardbound, which is to say it's like a trade paperback but there's a dense embossed piece of cardboard glued to the front and it has a pretty dust cover.

Aside from that, I loved it. I usually go through photography books pretty quickly but this one I went through just a few pages at a time to savor the imagery.

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06 July 2018

Life of Art SitRep #438 Good News!

One of my birthday invitations got selected for Zazzle's Groupon feed (it's about halfway down the page on the right) and was also made an editor's pick!

It's this one:

I created a variety of birthday party supplies to go with it as well as a guestbook, address labels, stickers, and wrapping supplies. It's all in a Modern Black White Geometric 30th Birthday Party Collection:

I will likely add a few more items to it in the week to come.

Also shot 84 photographs, culled 42, rated rest.

Created some more Simple Wave Pattern Calm Blue Gradient items including a Ceramic Tile, Tote Bag, Label, Sherpa Blanket, and Bath Towel Set.

See more in the Modern Blue Wave Pattern Home Decor collection I made:

See all the latest products I've created here.

Pinned to boards at Rocklawn Arts on Pinterest.

Watched a cool type tool tutorial, how not to rasterize it, make it a shape instead.

Made monthly backups. Have you backed up lately?

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