02 May 2015

Tiny Sheep!

Tonight's sighting: at least 22 tiny sheep dashing en masse to and fro, charging up a pile of dirt to play king of the mountain as part of their circuit. It was the best.

I really like the tiny black sheep. Figures, right?

The guard horse and llama were in the hut at the back. The adult sheep were lined up against the far fence where a woman had just spread out some feed. They were all about dinner. Within that row of sheep was a larger white and brown mottled animal, possibly a goat though a large one. The goat? was aggressive, no one stayed near it for long as it would turn to butt heads with anyone encroaching.

I focused mainly on the little sheep. One cute tiny one was white with a black face. The petite mob ran the length of the small field several times while the adults faced the fence oblivious to their fun.

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