29 November 2011


During the lunch break for the Creative Live workshop I'm watching, I went out for a quick walk. As I got closer to the end of my street I kept a wary eye on the house across the T-intersection. A boy and girl were in the driveway shooting hoops and the dogs that often bark at me were jogging around them.

The kids disappeared into the garage for a few minutes, so I hoped the dogs wouldn't charge. The black dogs were content to watch their charges and they emerged with a large bouncy ball. They were throwing it towards the hoop, and I thought, "If they make it, it's going to be stuck up there."

As if they read my mind, the girl sat on the ball and bounced it a few times. I'm not sure what happened next except that the ball was swiftly rolling towards the road and the boy was running after it, towards me, a bad cliche.

I saw a car whizzing up the hill and yelled, "WAIT!"

The boy stopped in his tracks thankfully. The car narrowly missed the ball and kept going without even slowing down.

I jogged over to get the ball as it rolled into my street and waited for a string of four cars to go by and then a fifth from the other direction. Oddly heavy traffic today. Yet another vehicle kindly stopped for me, so I walked the ball over. The dogs immediately surrounded me.

The boy said, "It's OK, they're friendly."

One sniffed my hand and gave it a lick. Huh. They seemed downright nice when they weren't barking at me for a change.

I bounced the ball back to the boy who kept saying, "Thank you. I'm so sorry."

"That's all right," I said and turned to cross the road again. And waited for another car to go by.

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  1. You're sort of a hero, you know that, right?

  2. Just right place, right time plus a fear of dogs making me pay attention.

    Oddly I find myself looking out the window to see if the kids are out playing in their driveway to make sure they're OK as if I'm somehow now responsible for them. I've been relieved not to see them. The temperature dropped ~20 degrees so we've all been inside it seems.