25 November 2016

Life of Art SitRep #354 Gingham Updates and Much Needed Art

Zazzle is running a variety of excellent sales this week which are well marked by the products they apply to, so please stop by my shop, Rocklawn Arts, to support a small business. #ShopSmall

I'm also tweeting some of the sales at @RocklawnArts though you will get a larger scope of sales directly at my shop. If you have questions, hit me up on twitter or through the "Contact Store Owner" link at my store.
Though I'd been not much more than 2 weeks before, I went back to the museum and soaked in as much art and architecture as possible.

While there, I shot 369 photographs and 13 videos. (Culled 95 photos, 1 video.) Seeing art, creating it does my soul good.

Also created 128 other photographs during the week, culled 10, have some I haven't looked at yet.

Resized my gingham patterns so they'll repeat seamlessly on some products where that's an issue, like Fabric:

Also updated some previous versions:

See more Gingham Pattern Fabrics (as I type this they aren't all showing up as they should but hopefully that will be resolved soon).

Used my revised designs to create diagonal gingham gift wrap:

See the rest of the new gift wrap.

Updated Christmas Wrapping Supplies and Geometric Christmas Fabrics collections to include new gingham items:

How was your week?

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24 November 2016

Thanksgiving Haiku VIII

This year I'm thankful
my parents voted like me
in the election

Even though results
for the presidency did
not turn out as hoped.

ETA another new haiku 11/25/16:
You guys, I like sweet
potatoes SO much! Butter,
brown sugar, whiskey,

with a marshmallow
crust. They are the tastiest!
You're the best, Mama!

ETA another new haiku 11/27/16:
Life's good when you are
not beholden to consume
stuffing or dressing.

Feel free to share your own Thanksgiving haiku in the comments!

Thanksgiving haiku highlights of years past:

Thanksgiving Haiku VII
Table leaves are in
Tasty smells waft through the house
Be thankful and eat.

Eleven cars parked
next door for Thanksgiving. My
neighbors are social.

Thanksgiving haiku: Back to the Past (Original post includes the #TBT appropriate image described.)
Teenagers lined up
for a Thanksgiving portrait
many years ago.

Thanksgiving haiku: Back to the Future
DVR'ing the
parade for the first time.
No host banter-- yea!

The return of Thanksgiving haiku
Happy Thanksgiving!
Balloons in Macy's parade
are my favorite

Tofurkey haiku
tofurkey substitute, so
many side dishes!

2nd Annual Thanksgiving Haikuathon
What's up with mincemeat
pie? No meat? I might like it
if not for its name.

Thanksgiving haiku
Dad is shoveling
while Mom is throwing snowballs
up at my window.

Click through to see more haiku in the past posts and in their comments.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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18 November 2016

Life of Art SitRep #353 Nasty Woman comes forth

I haven't created political products for my shop before, but it's helped me focus my anger and frustration over the election. If it yields money I can donate to causes to fight back, even better.

To that end, I created two new collections: Nasty Woman Gear and #NotMyPresident shirts, stickers, buttons, hats.

Also created a few more Mixed Red, Green, White Stripes items with diagonal candy stripes:

Created Geometric Christmas Fabrics collection:

Shot 44 photographs, culled 26.

Rocklawn Arts blogged New Mixed Red, Green, White Stripes pattern, New #NotMyPresident shirts, stickers, buttons, hats collection, New Nasty Woman Gear Collection (posts later today), and New Geometric Christmas Fabrics collection (next Tues).

Updated links, LOA files with new designs.

Drew out some design ideas. Brainstorming.

Watched How to Fix Raccoon Eyes in a Photo, Perfect Photos with Matthew Jordan Smith.

How was your week?

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15 November 2016

Bacon Mysteries

I knew we were having BLTs for dinner, but when the smell of bacon hit me as I walked down the stairs, my chest heaved as though I was going to burst into sobs.

Of happiness.

I paused on a stair, smiling broadly, and took a deep breath.

No tears, not even a watery eye, but it had been so close, like I could see it through the veil of another existence.

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11 November 2016

Life of Art SitRep #352 New Mixed Red, Green, White Stripes

Following through on the new photograph I added last week, I created a Red Lion Amaryllis Cards & Wrapping Supplies collection.

Rocklawn Arts blogged New Red Lion Amaryllis Flower photograph and New Red Lion Amaryllis Cards & Wrapping Supplies Collection (posting next Tuesday I think).

Culled 145 photographs and 6 videos I'd shot the previous week.

Figured out a few more things with dlvr.it which posts some things to @RocklawnArts for me.

Did a bit of work on a painted stripes design when I remembered I had a Christmas stripe pattern I'd made this summer I really needed to add to my shop.

Wrote description for Mixed Red, Green, White Stripes and added it to select items in my shop:

Oh good grief. Zazzle has been rolling out new product pages which have finally started getting to me, so I've relearned a number of things this week as I was working. However, they don't currently have the easy to share blog friendly code, so I have to make these links by hand. You can see all of the Mixed Red, Green, White Stripes products here.

Check out the collection of Mixed Red, Green, White Stripes products.

Rearranged collections, moved xmas, holiday stuff to top of my store's home page.

Remade Flowering Rhubarb postcard with black background.

Added new labels, card, stamps, stickers to Red and Green Geometric Pattern Christmas Cards collection.

Added new stripe designs to Christmas Wrapping Supplies collection which you can see above.

Updated LOA and links files for new stripes pattern.

Made monthly backups. Have you backed up lately?

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10 November 2016

Recent Fortunes

Monday night:
The wheel of good fortune is finally turning in your direction!
Huh, not seeing it so far.

Tonight (Thursday):
Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.
I think Hillary feels this deep in her bones.

The real test in life is not in keeping out of the rough, but in getting out after you are in.
Well then.

Also, that does not sound remotely Chinese.

Granted it was from a Polynesian restaurant, so whatevs.

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07 November 2016

Wynonna Earp, Volume 1: Homecoming

Wynonna Earp Volume 1: Homecoming (Wynonna Earp #1-6)50. Wynonna Earp, Volume 1: Homecoming by Beau Smith

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It took me a couple of issues to get into it, but the introduction of Valdez in issue 3 won me over. As more of the Earp and Black Badge mythology is laid out, the story flow and character interactions get better.

I also thoroughly enjoyed Beau Smith's essay in the back about his visit to the set of the Wynonna Earp television series. He was as excited about it as any Earper would be. I love the enthusiasm evident in everyone associated with the series.

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06 November 2016

Your Vote Matters, Find Out Where to Vote

Your vote matters, yes, yours.

Want to have a say in things that truly matter? This is your chance. Make your voice heard and vote.

So find your polling place today and make a plan to vote on Tuesday November 8, 2016!

I recommend going early in the day or, even better, voting before Tuesday if it's (still) available in your state.

Visit CanIVote.org, a nonpartisan web site created by state election officials to help eligible voters figure out how and where to go vote.

Click "Find Your Polling Place" and select your state to find out where to vote.

You can also check your registration, find out what ID you need to bring, and check absentee and early voting options at CanIVote.org.

More information about voting on election day is available at USA.gov/election-day. There is also information for voters with a disability.

If you feel your voting rights have been violated, call (866) OUR-VOTE. There will be lawyers on hand to answer Election Day questions and concerns about voting procedures.

Get out there and VOTE!

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04 November 2016

Life of Art SitRep #351 New Red Lion Amaryllis Flower Photograph

Photography has been the main focus this week, mostly shooting and some editing. Spent an afternoon at a museum both soaking in the art and photographing the location. Good for my soul.

Shot 64 photographs, culled 38.

Culled 13 more photos from shoots last week but also made more panoramas, editing them a bit before exporting them to jpg.

Then I fell behind on my post work. I shot 375 photographs and 18 videos that I've uploaded but not looked at yet. D'oh!

However, I did finish editing a new photograph for my shop, Red Lion Amaryllis Flower:

Check out the collection of Red Lion Amaryllis Flower products.

Updated LOA and links file for new photo and end of month.

Rearranged collections some.

How was your week?

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03 November 2016

A Final Beverage

And finally, back to Day 1, Draw Your Beverage from 28 to Make, a free series of creative prompts from Creative Live. (Still free, so check it out!)

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02 November 2016

People Watching Madlib #4

Day 27, People Watching Madlib from 28 to Make, a free series of creative prompts from Creative Live. (Still free, so check it out!)

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01 November 2016

Address an Envelope

Day 25, Address an Envelope from 28 to Make, a free series of creative prompts from Creative Live. (Still free, so check it out!)

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