28 February 2011

Wonder Woman: The Circle

Wonder Woman: The Circle13. Wonder Woman: The Circle by Gail Simone; art by Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson, and Bernard Chang

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed Wonder Woman: The Circle. It conveys all the best qualities of Wonder Woman. She sees all the details of a situation without losing sight of the big picture: a great strategic and diplomatic mind, strong, fierce and compassionate.

Mercedes Lackey wrote a great introduction for this volume, but I would hold off reading it until after you've read the book so you can form your own opinions unbiased. However, if you need to be sold on reading it, then by all means, read the introduction first.

Wonder Woman: The Circle is the collection of issues #14-19 which covers two main stories, the first including a version of her origin story in #14-17 and the second in #18-19. I love the art by Terry and Rachel Dodson in issues #14-17; I think they've really captured the essence of Wonder Woman.

My Dad saw the cover, flipped through a few pages, and said, "Wonder Woman looks mean."

"What, do you expect her to be all doe-eyed in the middle of battle?"

"Well, no..."

She does look fierce when she's fighting, but that's what makes her an Amazon. She looks like someone not to be trifled with. And yet she has humor, affection, and great wisdom. She is without question heroic.

Also, bonus: no Steve Trevor.

More please!

There were a couple of references I didn't get, nothing crucial to these stories, but I'm trying to track down the earlier issues before reading ahead.

Highly recommended.

A year ago on TTaT: Sketchbook, page 6

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25 February 2011

Bad Form

In my personal life, I'm done with chasing after people who don't return my calls or emails. If I'm always the one who initiates contact and you don't respond, don't expect to hear from me again for at least 6 months, maybe a year, or possibly ever. As Havi would say, it's on my dammit list.

So this week I've resented that I've been in a position where I've needed to repeatedly call and leave messages for my doctor. Technically I suppose that still falls under personal life. Anyway, I called once each day in the afternoon since the day my lab tech said my results would absolutely be in (Tuesday). He was unreachable on Tuesday since he was off seeing patients at a nursing home. Each time I called, I left messages with the receptionist for him to call me.

He finally called back today, Friday. Even though I'd told him about my symptoms a week ago on Thursday, it seemed clear to me that he hadn't really believed me, that somehow it hadn't sunk in, or that he just thought it'd go away. Grr.

This time he seemed to get it though and wanted me to come back in for more tests. Despite the awful weather, 5 inches of snow interspersed with rain making slush covered roads, I hauled my ass to the office because I AM TIRED OF WAITING.

I mean, seriously, if early detection is such a big deal in health care we're two weeks in at this point. Initially I thought it was a bad side effect to a medication so I gave it a few days to see if it wore off as the drug got out of my system. It took me 2 days and 3 calls to reach him that time.

Anyway, the last set of blood tests didn't turn anything up so he ordered a bunch more. He ran through some physical tests which went pretty well, the sorts of things that make you realize how much more alarming your symptoms could be. And hey, my blood pressure was 112/80 which for me at a doctor's office while having alarming symptoms is *awesome*. (First reading I got the first day I was there was 140/100. It went down a while later.)

Naturally there was one blood test they couldn't do at the office which meant traveling even further through the bad weather, but I wanted it done.

Home safe at last in a new holding pattern.

Parts of me think I should've said this or that when I left my messages or when I talked to him last week to convey my urgency, but mostly I felt pretty damn clear. And even if I should've phrased my messages differently earlier this week, I'm still not taking the blame. He could've had someone else return the call (they do that with nurses sometimes anyway). Whatever.

Mom asked me if I told him I'd left messages. I didn't. My brain was focused on: here's my fucking symptoms, what gives? I didn't want to waste my appointment time antagonizing him. I mean, what do I really care what his excuse is? I don't. I've already run through the obvious reasons he'd probably say in my head anyway. I just want a diagnosis.

Life of Art SitRep #55 Yargh

Every week, I work towards creating a life of art for myself. This is the zigzag filled journey.

Play along in the comments with your own pursuits if you'd like. (That's where I'll cheer you on.)
Wanted to get more done, but my ability to concentrate this week has been decidedly low. Here's hoping next week is much better.

This week, I

  • Shot 117 photographs: abstract studies and snow scenes.

  • Shot 2 videos of trees blowing. Didn't start shooting early enough for the full effect. I swear the wind was blowing so hard the trees looked like they were bending in half. I kept expecting a few to snap in half.

  • Made version of Rainbow Squares with bleed room.

  • Made Rainbow Squares iPhone cases:

  • FB'd, tweeted, Zblogged Rainbow Square.

  • Tweeted, FB'd, Zblogged Rainbow Squares

  • Fixed related design link to Bokeh in Spring for all Blue Bokeh items. Wasn't showing up since image link was blank for some reason.

  • Added/submitted links/products to 11 forum leads.

  • Sent DM thanks to 3 new twitter followers.

  • Tweeted, FB'd, zblogged Presidents' Day sale and other items.

  • Played with Inkscape to learn more about it.

  • Watched all of Creative Live "DSLR Fast Start Canon 60D with John Greengo" workshop. Cool camera.

  • Watched "Placing An Image Into A Custom Shape," "Creating Vignettes in Camera Raw," "Combining Images and Graphics," "Using Content Aware Fill" Photoshop tutorials.

  • Listened to GoingPro Podcast Episode 26. About self-esteem, confidence, and feeling worthy. (Curious how worth keeps coming up.)

  • *******
    How are your pursuits going?

    A year ago on TTaT: Sketchbook, page 5

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    23 February 2011

    Wonder Woman Vol. 1: Gods and Mortals

    Wonder Woman Vol. 1: Gods and Mortals12. Wonder Woman Vol. 1: Gods and Mortals by George PĂ©rez

    My rating: 3 of 5 stars

    Took me a while to get into but once I did, I read the remaining 4 or 5 chapters in one sitting.

    I get why they made Wonder Woman able to fly, but it still seems strange to me since I grew up watching Lynda Carter pilot her invisible plane. Also, there's no alter ego Diana Prince here. Maybe she'll be created in a later volume.

    Gods and Mortals is a pretty thorough (and somewhat disturbing) origin story that sets Diana's involvement with "Man's world" in the 1980s during the Cold War. I like Steve Trevor in this book better than I ever did on the TV show.

    What's sad is that the Ares-inspired speeches that urge people to violence in the name of country in the story seem so plausible/familiar to real life now. Using fear coupled with patriotism as a motivator has been around a long time.

    Here's to honest, strong, brave Princess Diana of the Amazons.

    A year ago on TTaT: Gettin' My Groove On... (vol. xiv)

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    22 February 2011

    Before and After

    So... last week I was hoping to get my results on Friday. The woman who took my blood said it was possible, if not, definitely by Tuesday since the doctors' office was closed for Presidents Day.

    I mostly chilled out over the weekend but anxiety crept back in yesterday. I was stressed out anyway so for some reason I decided to do my taxes. It did actually distract me though I wouldn't call it relaxing.

    Today I'm waiting for the phone to ring again. If I don't hear from them before too long I'll call. My doctor goes to a nursing home or something on Wednesdays so if I don't get him today, I'll have to wait until Thursday. That happened to me last week when he didn't call me back on Tuesday like he was supposed to. Didn't apologize for it when I finally got him Thursday either.

    I do not think he shares my sense of urgency and alarm in wanting to know what the frak is going on, how long it will last, if it will get better, etc.

    But that's not really why I'm writing.

    The thought that keeps recurring to me is: I'm not ready for After. I'm not ready for this to be the point that divides my life into Before and After.

    What should I have done Before? Did I waste the last five or so years?

    The answer to the latter is probably yes, but I was doing the best that I could at the time.

    Even if the cause of my symptom is not the most likely scenario I've trolled from my family tree, even if it goes away entirely, I cannot deny the fragility of my life.

    One day you're basically fine, the next you take a prescribed pill to deal with 2 seemingly related odd symptoms and then...? The very unexpected. One symptom is solved while the more alarming one is exponentially worse.

    Seems like simple cause and effect, but alas it's not that straightforward. If it were, I'd be better by now.

    Be grateful for your bodies, People, even if they don't look the way you want them to. It can all change before you know it. Also, pay attention to them. It's hard to quantify symptoms against what you took for granted.

    UPDATE: Well frak! He's doing his nursing home thing today so I have to wait until tomorrow. Figures. Better have some answers or I'm going to be ticked.

    UPDATE #2 (Wednesday night): Frakkin' A, man! Still no word even though I called and left yet another message. I hate being jerked around like this!

    A year ago on TTaT: Kinetic sculpture: winter, sunny day

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    20 February 2011

    Astonishing X-Men Vol. 5: Ghost Box

    Astonishing X-Men Vol. 5: Ghost Box11. Astonishing X-Men Vol. 5: Ghost Box by Warren Ellis

    My rating: 2 of 5 stars

    The stakes are still epic, but the execution is much more grim than the first four volumes. I missed Joss Whedon's humor as I read Warren Ellis' take on the X-Men. I also prefer John Cassaday's art over Simone Bianchi's though hers is still skillful and beautiful; it's just darker than I care for.

    My favorite story was Ghost Boxes #1 Part 2 drawn by Adi Granov: an alternate universe, sepia-tinged, Steampunk version of the X-Men told from Emma Frost's point of view. Come to think, it had the most humor in addition to its cool art. No wonder I liked it.

    On a related note, how long can Wolverine's claws really be? He can bend his elbows and presumably his wrists, so I'm thinking they shouldn't be longer than his forearms. Right? Or is there something about Adamantium I don't know? (The answer to that is assuredly yes, but I think you know what I mean.)

    5 years ago on TTaT: The Gargle is On (Wow, proof I've known Sizzle, Neil, and Kevin for 5 years!)

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    19 February 2011

    Frank O. Gehry: Outside In

    Frank O. Gehry: Outside  In10. Frank O. Gehry: Outside In by Jan Greenberg and Sandra Jordan

    My rating: 4 of 5 stars

    I really dig the art books by Jan Greenberg and Sandra Jordan.

    Great photographs of the buildings, details, models, work spaces combined with biographical information about Frank Gehry and descriptions of his constructions in his own words. A quick enjoyable introduction to his architecture and designs whether you're a kid or not.

    The book was published in 2000, so some of the in-progress building designs have since been completed. These include the Richard B. Fisher Center for the Performing Arts at Bard College which I saw a few years ago.

    We also snuck inside for a peak at the Sosnoff Theater within: very cool.

    A year ago on TTaT: Life of Art SitRep #2

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    18 February 2011

    Life of Art SitRep #54

    Every week, I work towards creating a life of art for myself. This is the zigzag filled journey.

    Play along in the comments with your own pursuits if you'd like. (That's where I'll cheer you on.)
    This week, I

  • Shot 81 photographs: snowing, sun breaking through clouds with blue sky.

  • zblogged Free Shipping on iPhone cases offer:
    Have a new iPhone 4 to protect or an iPhone 3G/3GS you’d like to spruce up with a new case?

    Get free standard shipping to a US address when you order a high quality Speck Brand iPhone Case featuring an original photograph or design from my Rocklawn Arts shop. (Code seems to work for iPad cases too.)

    At checkout, enter promo code: IPHONECASE4V

    Offer is valid through February 28, 2011 at 11:59 pm PT.

    iPhone 4 cases are compatible with Verizon & AT&T iPhones:

  • Made Rainbow Squares design in Inkscape, wrote product description, and created a variety of products for my shop:

  • Created rectangular Rainbow Square products by adding background color or additional Rainbow Square images.

  • Tweeted some items and sale offers.

  • Changed Rocklawn Arts zazzle store intro sale from 50% off calendars to free shipping for iphone/ipad cases offer.

  • Added "universal, Verizon, ATT" tags to iPhone 4 cases since the cases are compatible with both carriers.

  • Removed embroidered products from Rocklawn Arts zazzle product list. Used proper code for + before but didn't notice I'd copied and pasted the wrong account name into code.

  • Sent DM thanks to 2 new twitter followers.

  • Updated online sales file.

  • Watched 1/2 of Creative Live's DSLR Fast Start Nikon D3100.

  • Watched "GoingPro2010 presents - Beyond Monitor Calibration - Get Prints That Match Your Display!" webinar. You can watch it here.

  • Watched "Extracting Image Detail," "How To Blend and Enhance Colors" Photoshop tutorials.

  • Listened to Going Pro podcast #25.

  • Finished reading Frank O. Gehry: Outside In. Review coming tomorrow!

  • Finished reading Popular Photography May 2010 issue.

  • *******
    How are your pursuits going?

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    Not helping my paranoia

    I usually write my Life of Art posts Thursday night to post for Friday, but I just don't feel like it right now. I'l probably get to it later on Friday.

    So... I went to the doctor last week for a physical. I mentioned this last week but don't think I truly conveyed just how stressful I find it.

    To keep a long story vague* and short, I officially feel worse now than I did before I went.

    At dinner a horrible thought came to mind: if he comes up with a diagnosis that is brought on by stress, then it will have been brought on by the very act of me going to see the doctor. That is not an irony I will enjoy.

    In the meantime, I shall endeavor to chill the frak out. Done with phone tag for now so I think that's doable.

    *I wrote more but then thought better of putting it on the interwebs.

    A year ago on TTaT: Night Snow

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    17 February 2011

    Worth: internal or external?

    Worthiness. This concept and my relationship to it keeps coming up the past few weeks.

    It started with an episode of the Suze Orman show. (You can download it for free on iTunes. It aired 1/22/11 and the relevant sections starts 14 minutes in.) What struck me was when she said that people who come into money* but don't feel worthy of it give it away.

    *inheritance, lottery, bonus, whatever...some sort of windfall

    Though to a much lesser degree, the notion felt familiar, a relationship with money and things wherein I think someone else deserves them more than I do.

    There's also the notion of worth as a person. But where do our perceptions of worth come from?

    What I read tends to make it seem simple as though it's all in my head. But if I lived alone on a deserted island, would worth still be relevant? Perhaps it would be its purest and simplest there: worth surviving or not.

    Otherwise it seems like worth is mostly an external thing. Or certainly an interdependent one. Even perhaps an arbitrary one. The arbitrariness of worth I perceive is what I find most disheartening.

    If I possess self worth but my interactions don't support that feeling, am I still worthy? The easy response is I'm interacting with the wrong people. The hard answer is that as an introvert my sample size is only going to get so large before my energy to deal with it is tapped out. All this is to say I feel worthy and unworthy.

    For a person ambivalent about many things, I suppose this fits right in.

    What's your take on worth? Internal, external, or a combination of the two?

    A year ago on TTaT: Other things I learned from skiing

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    14 February 2011

    Astonishing X-Men Vol. 4: Unstoppable

    Astonishing X-Men Vol. 4: Unstoppable9. Astonishing X-Men Vol. 4: Unstoppable (collects Astonishing X-Men #19-24 and Giant-Size Astonishing X-Men #1) by Joss Whedon and John Cassaday

    My rating: 5 of 5 stars

    The conclusion of Joss Whedon and John Cassaday's run on Astonishing X-Men. It lives up to its namesake because it is astonishing.

    Beautifully drawn. I keep rereading sections of it not just for the words but the pictures as well.

    All the major threads beginning in volume 1 and building in volumes 2 and 3 get resolved here while leaving room for future stories. These four volumes are pretty epic.

    View all my reviews on GoodReads.

    A year ago on TTaT: Speed Dating With Werner Herzog (Happy Valentine's Day!)

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    13 February 2011


    This is pretty much what it looked like:

    And this is a cropped portion of the above photo with auto contrast applied so you can see a bit better what's going on.

    When the wind changed and all the snow started blowing in my face, I decided to close my window and call it a wrap.

    Two years ago on TTaT: Interrupted sky (more winter photography as it happens)

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    11 February 2011

    Life of Art SitRep #53 Whoo, doggie

    Every week, I work towards creating a life of art for myself. This is the zigzag filled journey.

    Play along in the comments with your own pursuits if you'd like. (That's where I'll cheer you on.)
    This week, I

  • Shot 30 photographs: Star Wars cards and action figures. See them on my Star Wars lens where I wrote a bit about my early experience of Star Wars. If you stop by, take a poll and tell me what you think of the two trilogies.

  • Installed Inkscape, a vector based drawing program, and started teaching it to myself. (Thanks for suggesting it, Dave2!) Figured I'd start simple so what better prospect than rainbow patterns? Pride, y'all!

  • Created Rainbow Stripes design and product line including my first skateboard deck, woo!

  • Made and uploaded Rainbow Square design. Saw that I needed more bleed room once I started creating products though, so I deleted them and revised the design with lots of bleed room. Made products and realized some items as well as the folder image need a non-bleed square. I made a second non-bleed version but found a border error when creating stuff. Deleted those, revised and tried again. "Snap" is not quite as perfect in Inkscape as I'd hoped it seems. Also need to beware early color choices that get painted over, as they cause trouble later so should be deleted. I mention all this just to convey that there really are zigs and zags happening here. I still have another version of the design to make for rectangular products, but in the meantime, several cool Rainbow Square designs are now in my shop:

  • Made new product description file for designs. Made adjustments to some photo specific text to include designs.

  • Zblogged, FB'd, tweeted Rainbow Stripes.

  • Had my Circle with Fire Escape mug featured on ArtNImages, yay!

  • Learned how to view products by stats in zazzle. Very cool! All hail Twitter! Thanks, @blinkmedude.

  • Started tweeting various products with zero views to see how it affects traffic. Really I'm doing pretty well considering how few views I've had overall, but to really make a go of this

    I need more eyeballs on my work.

    If you see a photograph or design of mine you like, please share it!

  • Removed code line so skateboard category will display in shop.

  • Changed calendar top picks at top of my store to iPhone and iPad cases.

  • Moved calendars folder to bottom of shop before rainbow designs to separate photographs from designs for now.

  • Changed my Rocklawn Arts zazzle store website URL to my Rocklawn Arts twitter handle.

  • Made 3 new binder templates with font revision, Folio Bold instead of Folio Medium. Deleted old binder templates.

  • Updated Twitter feed intro/outro's. Finally let me log in, yay!

  • Submitted products/links to 7 leads.

  • Sent thanks DM with Rocklawn Arts link to 7 new twitter followers.

  • Sent Smart Update question to SuperDuper! to see if I should pay for registered copy features. Sounds like yes unless someone has a better cloning software to recommend.

  • Watched all but first 10 min or so of Creative Live week 1: "Website Makeover with Erik Fadiman."

  • Listened to GoingPro podcast #23. Kinda lame (for my purposes) since it was all about their new association. Sort of skipped through it since they didn't answer any photog questions.

  • Listened to GoingPro podcast #24. Actually talks about fine art. A few useful tidbits though not much new to me.

  • *******

    How are your pursuits going?

    A year ago on TTaT: Don't hang yourself with a celibate rope

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    08 February 2011


    The most unlikely thing happened today, at least in my experience. I called a doctor's office, registered as a new patient, and got an appointment for a physical on Thursday. (Last appointment I was able to make is 6 months from when I called.)

    I was going to write, "I hate doctors," but that seems really harsh. More accurate would be, "I hate going to see doctors."

    The office person was actually going to give me an appointment tomorrow until she realized he won't be in.

    I'm sort of throwing myself into this headlong just to get it over with, but it has me anxious. Significantly anxious. Grr. Not the best history of doctor experiences, I.

    S'pose I'll breathe and try not to be frustrated that I'm stressed out.

    A year ago on TTaT: Summer Knight

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    05 February 2011

    Chuck Close, Up Close

    Chuck Close, Up Close7. Chuck Close, Up Close by Jan Greenberg

    My rating: 4 of 5 stars

    Another cool, informative book by Jan Greenberg and Sandra Jordan.

    Yes, it's a kid's book, but a very cool kid's book.

    If you'd like to learn a bit about famous painter Chuck Close, this is a great place to start. The authors interviewed the artist so a lot of the text is in his own words. The book includes many of Close's portraits as well as photographs of the artist at work. His reductive, disciplined process is really fascinating.


    Starting with this review, I'm adopting GoodReads rating system:
    1- didn't like it
    2- it was OK
    3- liked it
    4- really liked it
    5- it was amazing

    My past system was a bit compressed, the equivalent of putting GoodReads 2 through 5 between my 3 to 4.75. If I don't like something though, what does it really matter how much I disliked it? Since I'm not likely to finish or bother reviewing something I'd rate less than 3, I'm losing some of the nuance I could have without resorting to decimal points.

    I'll probably still be reluctant to hand out fives, though I won't be as strict about it as I have been. (I'd reserved fives for my favorite books of all time.)

    We'll see how it goes. I figure this will be consistent and pretty straightforward. I'm not going to redo my past ratings, but I expect you'll see more threes in the future.

    A year ago on TTaT: The return of the owl

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    04 February 2011

    Life of Art SitRep #52 (Often called 1 year)

    Every week, I work towards creating a life of art for myself. This is the zigzag filled journey.

    Play along in the comments with your own pursuits if you'd like. (That's where I'll cheer you on.)
    I'm reminded yet again this week that when I really push myself to meet a deadline, even if it's only self-imposed, that once it's done, so am I. At least for a while. Sort of fell out of my intended groove with the beginning of February.

    This week, I

  • Shot 236 photographs. Icicles, snow-covered creek, strategic sculptural snow accumulations. I waded through thigh deep snow to get some of these. (Next time someone suggests snowshoes, I will not dismiss it out of hand.)

    I also set up a mini studio shoot of sorts for myself. 7 possibles but I think I can do this better so I will reshoot. I'd rather fix in camera than in post. Next time I will trust my instincts- some of the things I plan to change, I'd sort of already considered without quite knowing why.

  • Changed Rocklawn Arts store intro sale notice:
    Forget January, start your calendar with any 2011 month!

    Get 50% OFF All Calendars until March 1, 2011 at 11:59PM PT. (Click the "Date style and options" in the sidebar to change your starting month.)

    Use code: DONTWAIT2011

  • Made Epimedium Flowers necklace:
    Epimedium Flowers necklace
    Epimedium Flowers by RocklawnArts
    View more necklaces on Zazzle.

  • Made River Water Ripples monogram necklace:

  • Finished my html coded products links file. Huzzah! It'd only be better if I'd thought of making it sooner.

  • Finished revising the product descriptions of the remaining 28 product lines and 7 calendars with streamlined tags and related products image links. WOO!!! Hmm, doesn't look that impressive written like that. There was lots of coding involved, figuring out spacing nuances, and redoing spacing for product lines I'd already revised. Most notably, I met my goal of finishing it before February 1st when as late as Sunday night (January 30th), I was seriously doubtful I'd finish.

    Here's the unedited version of what I wrote: "Huzzah! So totally done (for now at any rate) with description revisions including OCD spacing nonsense I was tempted to put off all before February 1 with 59 minutes to spare! You're awesome, kiddo!"

  • Had my Two Chairs Buried in Snow print featured in an inspiration post on the blog, A Drop of Indigo.

  • Tweeted several sales.

  • Made new binder templates with Folio Medium for URL instead of Courier. Hang on to both for now and see what I think.

  • Added Rocklawn Arts link to 5 lenses.

  • Updated store page on old Rocklawn Arts blog and also added product flash panels to its redirect post, so it's on front page. Since it's still getting hits, why not, right?

  • Finished reading Petersen's Guide to Architectural Photography.

  • Finished reading Christo and Jeanne-Claude: Through The Gates and Beyond by Jan Greenberg and Sandra Jordan.

  • Finished reading December 2010 Popular Photography.

  • Sent thanks DM with store link to 9 new twitter followers.

  • Watched "Layer Mask Magic," "Photoshop Cropping Tips and Tricks," "HDR Tone Combining" Photoshop tutorials. Eh, 1st one. 2nd: some useful bits. 3rd: OK.

  • Read A Photo Manipulator's Guide to Blending tutorial.

  • *******

    How are your pursuits going?

    A year ago on TTaT: Winter water drops

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    03 February 2011

    Petersen's Guide to Architectural Photography

    6. Petersen's guide to architectural photography, by Kalton C Lahue
    My rating: 4 of 5 stars

    A great introduction to architectural photography in this slim volume. It was published in 1973, so it only talks about film equipment, but a lot of the techniques and information are still applicable even if you're shooting digital.

    View all my reviews.

    I spied this guide while leaning so far back on an Ab Lounger as to be (partially) upside down in my parents' basement. On a bottom shelf in a dark corner was just the title describing the subject I'd been wanting to learn more about. Love it when that happens. It's totally joining my photography reference books now.

    A year ago on TTaT: Sketchbook, page 1

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    01 February 2011

    Icicle Branches

    Really doesn't seem like an icicle should develop this way, and yet, here one is. Reckon it's been windy round these parts.

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    The Blue Shirt

    It may sound crazy, but I have a long sleeve t-shirt that I haven't worn in several years because it's my favorite color and I don't want it to fade in the wash.

    But today, standing in front of my closet, I was tired of the dark and subdued, and the intense twilight blue seemed just the thing.

    I was surprised when I put it on though. It's ridiculously huge. I got the shirt in high school or college. I wasn't big back then, if anything, I've trimmed back down to those slim times in the past year.

    The shirt is a testament to my self-consciousness back then. Don't get me wrong: I'm still all for loose, just not *that* loose.

    Just checked the tag: it's a large. Assuredly men's. I wear smalls now –usually about the right fit– and mediums (when brands run too small and from my pre-existing collection. Sure there are still some larges in there, just not large larges.). Huh. Still mostly men's natch.

    After I run my blue shirt through the wash, I'm going to retire it, not back to my closet shelf but to someone who will wear it.

    Two years ago on TTaT: "delicate slut strings"

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