29 January 2017

Starfire, Vol. 1: Welcome Home

Starfire, Vol. 1: Welcome Home8. Starfire, Vol. 1: Welcome Home by Amanda Conner

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Lighthearted, made me laugh, but still has action and peril for the characters.

A fun reprieve from the trend of dark, grim comics.

H/T to Kevin for his review which convinced me to give it a try.

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27 January 2017

Life of Art SitRep #363 Turquoise, Blue, Violet Painted Stripes

Brainstormed and drew out several text design variations with different sets of words. Tried out some layouts in Photoshop but decided to take a break from it since they weren't working out as I'd hoped.

Made a new Resist postcard, perfect for mailing your political representatives your thoughts:
Added it to #Resist Kit collection.

Started adding my new Turquoise, Blue, Violet Painted Stripes pattern to items in my shop:

Check out the collection of Turquoise, Blue, Violet Painted Stripes products, more to come!

Follow @RocklawnArts on Twitter to see new additions to my shop first.

Updated links file with new design.

Watched Creative Live class "Set You Income Goals and Develop a Revenue Strategy" with Megan Auman.

How was your week?

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20 January 2017

Life of Art SitRep #362 Feminist

The rights of women have been on my mind particularly this week, so I created a line of products featuring the word "feminist" and created a Feminist Gear collection:

Added Lifeproof iPhone 6/6s cases to Distinctive iPhone 6/6s Cases collection.

Also created Waterproof LifeProof iPhone 6/6S Plus Cases collection,
Waterproof LifeProof iPhone SE/5/5S Cases collection,
Waterproof LifeProof iPhone 6/6S Cases collection:

Reorganized collections in my shop.

Rocklawn Arts blogged New Waterproof LifeProof® iPhone 6/6S Cases at Rocklawn Arts, New Waterproof LifeProof® iPhone 6/6S Plus Cases at Rocklawn Arts!, New Waterproof LifeProof® iPhone SE/5/5S Cases at Rocklawn Arts!, New Feminist Gear collection at Rocklawn Arts! (Last two will post next week.)

Worked on a new design a bit.

Made #NotMyPresident magnet. Added it to #NotMyPresident collection.

Did lesson 4 of LR PS classroom book.

How was your week?

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13 January 2017

Life of Art SitRep #361 LifeProof iPhone Cases

Though I hadn't heard of LifeProof cases until recently, I'm thoroughly impressed with how rugged they are. They are the first cases I've added to my shop which are waterproof, submersible to 6.6 feet for 1 hour. They are also shockproof surviving drops from up to 6.6 feet, DirtProof, and SnowProof.

I added select designs and photographs to new LifeProof iPhone 6/6s Cases, LifeProof iPhone 6/6s Plus Cases, and LifeProof iPhone SE/5/5S Cases:

When iPhone 7 cases become available, I will add designs to those.

Shot 6 photographs, culled 2.

Did some work on my photographic archive.

Updated LR and PS programs.

Updated links, LOA files for new cases.

Read Pop Photo Nov. 2015 issue.

How was your week?

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06 January 2017

Life of Art SitRep #360 Before I take the plunge

My computer's been acting up more severely lately, so I can't keep putting off calling Apple about it and likely having to take it in which is a pain and hinders my work.

Before I try one last potentially crash inducing thing, I figured I'd better sum up the last week. I hope you all had a happy new year's eve/day.

This past week, I created a few more Resistance Starts Here products:

Created a Resistance Starts Here collection:

Made a #Resist poster and added it to the #Resist Kit collection.

Made a Double Rainbow Barcode 2017 Calendar Poster and added to the calendar poster collection:

Shot 14 photographs and 6 videos. Culled 5 photos and 6 icicle from previous shoots.

Edited a photograph in LR, didn't like it, reverted, and posted it earlier this week.

Updated a variety of files for the new year.

Updated LR © presets for 2017.

Updated © notices on TTaT and Rocklawn Arts blogs.

Updated Zazzle links file. (More time consuming than those four words would suggest.)

Read Popular Photography March 2016 issue.

Made end of month/year backups.

Have you backed up lately? Did you update your copyright notice on your blog?

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03 January 2017

02 January 2017

Books - 2016

Last year I read 59 books.

I'll grant you that there were a lot of graphic novels, but there was also a good dose of nonfiction. GoodReads will say my total is 58 due to a title not on the site but that also means my pages read count probably breaks 11,000.

Click here for a visual representation of My 2016 Books on GoodReads and various stats.

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01 January 2017

DC Comics: Bombshells, Vol. 2: Allies

DC Comics: Bombshells, Vol. 2: Allies58. DC Comics: Bombshells, Vol. 2: Allies by Marguerite Bennett; Art by Laura Braga, Mirka Andolfo, Marguerite Sauvage and others

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Thoroughly enjoyed seeing more of Wonder Woman, Batwoman, Supergirl, Stargirl, Aquawoman, and many other female characters.

Though it's set in 1940 in an alternate version of World War 2, there is timely commentary on the treatment of refugees and on how we treat each other generally. I also love that there are women who love women and women with fluid sexuality in this book.

I'll also give a shout out to Steve Trevor who is, for a change, a character I like in this series.

I look forward to reading more of DC Comics Bombshells!

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