28 March 2020

Daffodil Buds

Here are some daffodil buds starting to open that I shot last year to bring you some spring cheer:

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27 March 2020

Life of Art #527 [Jigsaw Puzzles and Easter Coloring Pages]

This week I created several jigsaw puzzles and a notepad of fancy Easter eggs to color.

Add a custom message to a beautiful hibiscus flower puzzle by clicking through:

Know that Adventure awaits even if you are stuck at home for now, or add your own custom message:

The Tropical Coral Hibiscus Flower Jigsaw Puzzle is also available without text:

Let your customers know you are thinking of them and that you appreciate their business with custom logo puzzles with two lines of customizable text:

Keep your kids and yourself entertained with a Happy Easter Fancy Easter Eggs Coloring Pages Notepad which has 40 pages:

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Watched "#AdobeMAX Photoshop Productivity Tips & Tricks with Julieanne Kost | Adobe Creative Cloud." Tons of tips!

How was your week? I hope you are all staying healthy and home.

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22 March 2020

Old Paperwork

This afternoon I started going through really old paperwork and found I diligently saved all my work related receipts. Every trip to the Los Feliz or Griffith Post Offices memorialized with a handwritten note "DP reels" or "reels and resumes." Many of the receipts had almost completely faded with time while others were still perfectly clear. My ink notations remained on all where the work use was not obvious.

I could just recycle or shred years worth of papers, but for now I'm weeding. It's like a better scrapbook than a diary in some cases.

The receipts I tossed except for one from that year: a year's subscription to weekly Back Stage West when it was only available as a printed magazine.

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20 March 2020

Life of Art #526 [Double-Sided Tote Bags]

Tote bags with printing on both sides are now available in my shop with a variety of designs, each available on several types of tote and grocery bags. Just click an image to see all the bag styles in the sidebar of the product page.

I also created a series of customizable totes to which you can add your business logo and text. Your logo can be any shape or color except white:

Here are two new single-sided logo tote bags:

I also created a Classic Red White Gingham Plaid Pattern Bath Mat and Bold Red White Buffalo Check Pattern Bath Set which are part of a new Classic Red and White Gingham Pattern Home Decor collection:

Finally, I made a Class of Custom Year Graduate Stylish Reunion Watch:

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Watched/read "Automating Photoshop to crop and reposition multiple photographs" by Colin Smith.

"30 Stupidly useful tips in Photoshop that you will regret not knowing (parts 1 and 2)" by Colin Smith.

"20 Photoshop 2020 Tips that you probably don’t know and should! (parts 3 and 4)" by Colin Smith.

How was your week? I hope you are all healthy and doing well!

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12 March 2020

Life of Art #525 [Light Blue Gingham Party Supplies, Paper Guest Towels, Tabletop Store Signs]

This week I created some more Light Blue and White Gingham Pattern Party Supplies. The Family Reunion invitations are 50% Off through Friday 3/13/20 11:59 PM PST!

Click below to see the rest of the collection:

New to Rocklawn Arts are paper guest towels in gingham patterns and custom logo styles:

Also new are tabletop Store Signs you can customize with your logo, company name, information, and background color:

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How was your week?

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11 March 2020

The Art of Movement

The Art of Movement9. The Art of Movement by Deborah Ory and Ken Browar

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What a wonderful collaboration of photographers and dancers highlighting their athleticism, skill, and artistry. I also really enjoyed the quotes from the dancers as they share their insights, encouragement, and experiences with dance.

I found it really inspiring. Though I do not have the flexibility, strength, training, or dexterity of these phenomenal athletes, I felt inspired to celebrate how I can move, in the ways that I can, while I can.

I am tremendously grateful there are people in the world who dedicate themselves to dance as a profession.

The beautiful hardcover is definitely going on my wish list.

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06 March 2020

Life of Art #524 [St. Patrick's Day Stickers and Easter Stamps]

Created a variety of St. Patrick's Day contour stickers in the shape of a shamrock leaf, some with and others without text or monogram:

Also created several Easter Egg Drawing stamps available in several ink colors or with ink pads:

Also created Happy Easter Color Your Own Hand Drawn Easter Egg Classic Round Stickers:

Went to an art museum and soaked it all in.

Shot 172 photographs, 2 videos. Culled 24 photos.

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Created Family Reunion Party Ideas and Supplies and Puzzles and Games boards on Pinterest.

Made monthly backups. Have you backed up lately?

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