31 July 2020

Life of Art #545 [Employee Photo ID Badges, What A Year Photo Holiday Cards]

Expanded my line of employee photo medical ID badges with more barcode, logo, and horizontal options:
See the whole collection here:

Created What A Year Modern Photo Holiday Cards in a wide variety of colors: red, blue, burgundy, light blue, gray, peach, purple, green, and teal. The vertical cards have two custom photos and the horizontal ones have three:

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Shot/uploaded 36 photographs, culled 10, rated rest.

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24 July 2020

Life of Art #544 [Happy New Year 2021 Calendar Cards, Custom Logo Face Shield]

Looking ahead I created a Happy New Year 2021 Calendar Cards collection including flat holiday cards with 2 custom photos each (1 on the front and 1 on the back) and magnetic cards with 1 custom photo. You can also customize the text with your own message and name:

Also created an Add Any Shape Company Logo Business Branded Face Shield which will automatically remove any white from your logo making it transparent:

Shot 96 photographs, culled 23, rated rest, and have yet more still to upload.

Pinned to boards at Rocklawn Arts on Pinterest.

Read and watched various business webinars and tutorials. Mostly this week got away from me.

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20 July 2020

The Sound of Music

Mom, singing: The hills are alive...

Me, joining in: ...with the sound of music.

Me, singing alone: I don't know the next line...

Mom, finishing: da, da, da, da, da, daaaa!

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18 July 2020


Today, my neighbors put up a yard sign I'd seen variations of before, each line a different color:
We believe
Black Lives Matter
Love is Love
Feminism is for everyone
No human being is illegal
Science is real
Be kind to all

As I read, they went up in my estimation, thinking, YES!

It also made me think that while stochastic terrorists (-in-chief) seem to abound these days, there are also all the signs people display which convey that you belong, that you are not alone.

My neighbors' yard sign, any of its messages individually, a rainbow sticker on a car or a rainbow flag displayed outside a church, store, or home. Signals of hope and acceptance for strangers and declarations of values and/or identity for the displayers.

The sign my neighbors put up made me a bit more hopeful today.

I believe those things too.

This post is my sign for you.

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17 July 2020

Life of Art #543 [2021 Calendar Mugs, Planners, Acrylic Blocks, New Year's Cards]

Created many new 2021 Calendar products including mugs, faux canvas prints, planners, acrylic blocks, and New Year's cards.

Stylish Custom 2021 Calendar Mugs collection:

Created a variety of 2021 Calendars on Faux Canvas Prints:

Custom Planners with 2021 Calendar Covers collection:

Custom Acrylic Block 2021 Desk Calendars collection:

Created some new Custom Business Logo Promotional Wooden Box Signs:

Also some new custom photo 2021 calendar magnetic cards in a few more colors:

Created several Happy New Year Holiday Cards with different colors and photo layouts. Click a card to go to its product page. There, in the sidebar, the Design Theme has colored dots for the different color versions.

Also created several Happy New Year Holiday Magnetic Cards with different colors (click through to see more under the Design Theme in the sidebar):

Created 3 new face masks: Elegant Abstract White Scrolling Curves on Black, Violet, and Orange:

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10 July 2020

Life of Art #542 [2021 Calendar Magnets and Plaques]

Continued expanding my lines of 2021 calendar magnets, magnetic cards, and desktop plaques.

Created more custom photo and fine art photo 2021 calendar magnets:
See the rest here:

Created Custom Business 2021 Calendar Magnets collection. Click to see all the styles and color options:

Updated wall calendars for 2021. You can always choose which month and year you want to start with for these:

Created some 2021 Calendar Company Logo Business Plaques in various colors (see the rest here):

Created a Solid Black polyester face mask:

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Made monthly backups. Have you backed up lately?

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03 July 2020

Life of Art #541 [New SILENCE = COMPLIANCE gear, 2021 Calendar Magnets and Box Signs]

This week, I expanded my line of SILENCE = COMPLIANCE gear with car flags, 2-sided and wide lawn signs, a car magnet, and tote bags.

Tap to see the whole Silence Equals Compliance protest gear collection:

Created Vote Blue bold watercolor text political election face mask:

And some new abstract pattern face masks which can be seen in this collection:

Even as a one-person business I've been thinking about how to build it to be anti-racist and welcoming. I don't have control over the models that Zazzle does product photos with, but I did see that they added two black women as options for their cloth blend face masks recently so I changed several of my products' displays to feature them and updated one of my collection banners as well.

I need to do better with my placeholder photos but for the moment I'm using images I can find for free with model releases and those are all white people. When I finally buy some stock imagery, I'm committed to representing diversity (POC and LGBTQ+) and looking for photographers who are people of color, ideally women of color to support with my purchase(s).

Created Custom 2021 Calendar Wood Block Signs and added them to this collection:

I've also been working on updating 2021 Calendar Magnets with custom photos, names, or logo templates:

Tap to see more.
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How was your week?

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