24 August 2015

Great Dane

Tonight I saw the most beautiful Great Dane with fur like a Dalmatian (amorphous black spots on white) but a bit fuzzier. She (or he) looked very sweet-tempered.

I waved but did not say, "Hello," because I didn't want to be barked at or to have this tremendously huge dog leap out a car window at me. Oddly I was more worried about the dog getting injured by running away or into traffic than about me getting mauled. (I have some bad history with dogs.)

Rest assured, all four windows of the little car were completely down and it wasn't hot out. Quite nice actually around 72 and getting cooler as the sun continued setting.

Such a sweet looking dog!

3 years ago on TTaT: Life of Art SitRep #133 Finding the Wagon

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