17 June 2008


On the fifth of July 2002, I saw the most spectacular hibiscus I've ever seen. During the intermission between two one act plays (Andrew happened to be in one of them), I went out on the old estate's terrace to admire the architecture and the view, to dream of owning such a house. Next to the french doors was a hibiscus covered with deep crimson blooms at least six inches in diameter. I was amazed. That was the day I learned the flower's name.

The flower in these photos is smaller and literally pale in comparison, but until I can find one a lush deep red, I will admire this particular plant's intricacies.

hibiscus profile
hibiscus front view
hibiscus top view

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  1. Isn't it crazy how, even though flowers are pretty much synonymous with beauty, every once in a while you stop in your tracks and think, "Oh my god, I had no idea flowers were so beautiful"?

  2. Definitely. My allergies keep me from considering many flowers closely, shifting them often to the nuisance category in my brain. From a distance certain colors appeal to me, but the deeper beauty is in the details: a ruffled petal, fine striping, unusual interiors.