07 April 2021

Dinner at the Lake

Today is the first day I've eaten dinner out in over a year.

And by dinner out, I mean we took a mini picnic made at home with us to the lake and ate it while we sat in the car, looking out over the view.

To be fair, this is always how we'd eat at the lake except we'd usually pick something up for dinner and on the way home debate whether or not to pick up dessert somewhere. Ben & Jerry's or a slice of cake from the fancy bakery section at the grocery store.

Today was just dinner and people watching. Two groups of people on either end of the bulwark midway in the distance, a couple of kayakers, two small boats, a fisherman with two poles.

Blue water rippling. Puffy clouds with some blue sky peering through. Late afternoon sun hitting the trees, houses, and low mountains beyond the far side of the lake.

I wore my old sunglasses, the one's without a prescription, and it was the right choice. They are tinted ever so slightly pink, not that you can tell when wearing them. They just make everything look more awesome. The sky and the water, more blue, colors more vibrant. I lifted the shades up to check. The lake view and mountains in the distance looked quite nice, but with my sunglasses on, it looked amazing.

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