26 January 2018

Life of Art SitRep #415 Study and Some Application

The business course work continues, but I engaged in some photography for a welcome recharge.

Shot 105 photographs (technically 40 last week that I didn't look at until this week) and culled 27. I still haven't looked at 28 so there's yet more culling and rating to do.

Created a simple store Rocklawn Arts icon which I also uploaded to @RocklawnArts on Twitter and RocklawnArts on Pinterest.

Created updated variations of two iPhone X Cases, some fabric, and a card:

Also created 50 & Fabulous Guestbook and Men's T-shirt:

Rocklawn Arts blogged Bestselling Business Cards collection and Bestselling T-Shirts Collection.

Changed collections in blog sidebars.

Deleted 30 old products and updated tags and titles on 41 products.

Read several articles on design, trends, and mobile device usage.

I also remembered to update my copyright notices on my blogs for 2018. Are yours up to date?

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21 January 2018


Atmos2. Atmos by Naoya Hatakeyama

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I give this a 5 in part because the physical book is so beautiful. The cloth bound hardcover folds out from the center and then the cover folds out again to the left and right revealing two bound sets of pages.

I preferred the photographs on the left over the right. Initially, I looked through the left side of photos and then did the right, but after reading about them at the back of the left set, realized I should've been looking at them together.

So I read it again, and I'd recommend this: the pages flip outwards on each side so you can look at the photographs in pairs and then I appreciated the ones on the right more.

It really is a beautiful portfolio in any case.

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19 January 2018

Life of Art SitRep #414 Learning and Doing

It's been a busy week, or at least it's felt like one taking in a lot of information while also trying to apply some of it and get other things done.

I remade Black and White Chevrons, Diamonds with Monogram Speck iPhone 8 Plus Case because the tiling was wonky only to later discover it was a display issue and not something I needed to fix. At least I found that out before going crazy trying to fix other products:

Created a Resolve to RESIST, text on Red Linen Texture Photo Mouse Pad and added it to the Resolve to Resist collection.

Rocklawn Arts blogged New Resolve to Resist Kit Collection.

Created a few more 50 & Fabulous products including a stamp, return address labels, envelope, invitation, and my first guest book:

Worked on my store icon.

Continued working through the 30 Day Profit Plan course.

Watched a few classes from Writing Week on Creative Live which continues through Friday Jan. 19:
Writing Bios that Get Noticed with Melissa Cassera
Write Copy that Compels and Sells with Melissa Cassera
How to Create Addictive Content with Melissa Cassera

Read "It’s all about ‘me’—how people are taking search personally" and "Here Are 10 Buyer Persona Examples to Help You Create Your Own."

How was your week?

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12 January 2018

Life of Art SitRep #413 Resolve to RESIST

It's been a busy week. I finished the 7 Days to Success course though finished might not be the right word. I completed the course but realize there are a lot of things I should revise with my existing products to help them better be found. But still, huzzah! Progress. Also resumed work on the 30 Day Profit Plan though it will likely take me more than 30 days to finish.

Continuing to learn new things and in some cases just convinced to implement things I knew I should've done but hadn't. Accountability is a powerful motivator.

Created Resolve to RESIST shirts, stickers, buttons, magnets, and bumper stickers and put them in a new collection:

Also filled out my 50 and Fabulous Party Supplies and Gifts collection a bit more with a magnet, button, brownies, and shortbread:

Created a Black and White Meander with Custom Monogram Charging Station:

Rocklawn Arts blogged New Black and White Geometric Meander Home Decor Collection, 50th Birthday Invitation Matching Set, Bestselling Marvel Products Collection, and Tasty Chocolate Treats You Can Customize Collection. (The latter two will post on Saturday and Tuesday.)

Pinned a few more items from my store and elsewhere. Still learning about Pinterest.

Spent a bit of time updating my first store on Zazzle to fill out its profile.

Made end of year/monthly backups. Have you backed up lately?

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05 January 2018

Life of Art SitRep #412 50 & Fabulous, Pinterest, and Collections, Oh My!

Mostly this was a week of doing the work, following the steps, and some end of month and year file upkeep.

Amongst which I created my first invitation and some coordinating 50 & fabulous items:

And a variant stamp:

I finally created a Pinterest account: RocklawnArts, huzzah! It is a work in progress but I have a few boards up. Please check it out.

Rocklawn Arts blogged Resolve to #Resist, New Island Life Gift Ideas collection, and Rocklawn Arts 2017: the year in review.

Created Black and White Geometric Meander with Monogram compact mirror, scale, and magnet:

Made some adjustments to descriptions and tags for my stores on Zazzle.

Made new collections for 50th Birthday Invitation Matching Set, and for several items created by others on Zazzle including: Bestselling Marvel Products, Tasty Chocolate Treats You Can Customize, Bestselling Business Cards, Bestselling T-Shirts, Bestselling Products on Zazzle, and Bestselling Wedding Invitations:

(Affiliate links included for items I did not create through which I may receive a commission if you make a purchase. Which would be awesome and appreciated.)

How was your week?

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02 January 2018

Books read in 2017

Alas, I don't know how to embed the image directly here, but here's the Books I read in 2017.

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01 January 2018

Life of Art 2017 Roundup

Happy New Year, awesome readers! I hope your 2018 is happy, healthy, and full of splendid adventures.

For the past 411 Fridays, I've been tracking my efforts to create a life of art for myself. Here's a look at what I accomplished in 2017.

I created 16 new designs for my shop including geometric patterns, photographs, hand-painted designs, and political designs:
FeministTurquoise, Blue, Violet Painted Stripes#NoMuslimBan#NoBanNoWall

#ShePersistedResist & PersistRainbow Colored BalloonsMixed Gray, Black, White Stripes

Varied Purple and White StripesHosta Leaves with RaindropsThunderation!#TakeAKnee

50 and Fabulous Party Supplies and GiftsTropical Island Beach Turquoise Ocean WaterIsland LifeBlack and White Geometric Meander

I created several more Collections, curated groups of related products. For example:

See all of the Collections at Rocklawn Arts together and click on any you would like to see more of.

I added 1053 products to my shop Rocklawn Arts, and

24 New Product Types:
LifeProof iPhone SE/5/5S Cases

LifeProof iPhone 6/6s Plus Cases

LifeProof iPhone 6/6s Cases

LifeProof iPhone 7 Cases

LifeProof iPhone 7 Plus Cases

Samsung Galaxy S8+ Cases

Samsung Galaxy S8+ OtterBox Cases

Google Pixel Cases

Google Pixel XL Cases

Samsung Galaxy S8 Carved Cases

Incipio DualPro Shine iPhone 7 Plus Cases

Gift Bags

Tent Favor Boxes

Gable Favor Boxes

Foil Greeting Cards

Guitar Cases

Beach Towels

Apple Watch Bands

Spiral Notebooks

Bath Towels

iPhone X Cases

Women's Plus Size Shirts

Sherpa Blankets

Shower Curtains

•Plus a few more sundry items

The more fun life of art experiences in 2017 were the numerous exhibits, museums, gardens, and houses I toured and performances I attended. Tallying them up, they amount to 16 days spread through the year, up from 12 the previous year. A few were short ninja visits but they did my soul good all the same.

As usual, I watched some Creative Live workshops sprinkled through the year as well as some other business oriented webinars. I'm looking to level up in 2018.

In 2017, I created over 1825 photographs and 49 videos (that I deemed worth keeping). Alas I have not gotten much better about sharing them. I'm disinclined to post any of them before they are copyright registered which builds in a lengthy delay by which time my mind is on other things. I need a more systematic approach.

How was your year? What would you like to do more of in 2018?

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