03 June 2009

Making it official: coming out to my family

I've been linking to the saga of coming out to my family quite a bit of late, so I thought it'd be handy to have all the links in one place.

  • Best DVR frak-up to date: the TV show/vlog that got me thinking and made the "visibility matters" argument to me.

  • One identity of many: the role model I didn't even know I needed, and how I tried and failed (?) to come out to my family when I was 23. Be sure to read the post's comments, that's where I debate whether or not to try again and ultimately take my first action.

  • Well, it's out of my hands now...: While I wait for a reply to my email that says I may attend a Gay Pride event, I muse about what lead me to send it.

  • While I'm waiting...: return receipts, Pride, and being anti-after-school-special.

  • A bondage pony and other adventures: the official coming out to my parents post.

  • Compelled to add: why my parents deserve extra credit for their low-key reaction.

  • Done and done: Three and a half weeks later an opportunity to tell my brother comes up that is too perfect to ignore.  AKA, the official coming out to my brother post.

  • Easy was a long time in the making: a bit of an overview of the whole coming out journey.

  • Today is a month to the day since I officially came out to my parents. My bisexuality hasn't come up once since then, but they haven't treated me any differently either. I'll take it.

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