23 June 2009

The unbuttoned twin, for Vahid

Twitter inspiration from last night:
Vahid: At the urging of my hetero life-partner @Blogography I have replaced my raised fist avatar with an actual photo. You're welcome.

Claire: @Iron_Fist Diggin' the new photo avatar. With the hat, it's like you're my twin.

Claire: @Iron_Fist I reckon I'd have to be wearing my Stetson in my avatar pic for that last tweet to make sense...

Vahid: @claireofttat Next post I want to see this Stetson, Claire. Here's the original of Jenny and me: http://flic.kr/p/6imHUf

Claire, Vahid's twinDecide if Vahid and I are twins for yourself.

Jenny and Vahid at TequilaCon 2009
(photo by evehorizon, adapted courtesy of a Creative Commons License.)

Actually, now that I'm looking at the photos next to each other, seems more like I'm Vahid and Jenny's illegitimate offspring. Which would be awesome, of course.

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  1. Y'all both look like Depeche Mode's Dave Gahan in their "Personal Jesus" video!

  2. i hope that's whisky in that thar glass. vahid don't allow no greenhorns on his ranch.

  3. If by "whisky" you mean some lovely sweet tea chosen to resemble whatever Vahid is drinking, then absolutely yes.

    If not, well.... I have my own work gloves and boots. Tell Pa I can work on the ranch!

  4. Oh, Jenny, our little Claire is all grown up now! *sniff*

    I'm just so glad that her curls turned out so well.