22 June 2009

Gettin' My Groove On... (vol. i)

...to "Upside Down" by Diana Ross:

dancing Claire

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  1. you and jenny really need to invent some sort of photobooth/dancecube.

  2. thanks, Dave!

    brandon: ooh, dancecube. I like it! That's worth some consideration (not that I'd want to step on Jenny's photobooth toes).

    Shiny, like the inside of a disco ball. That would be AWESOME! Hmm...

  3. Get down with your bad self, Claire!

  4. Oh, nothing like Diana Ross to get your groove on. Except old school Michael Jackson, but they're kind of the same person. And you go ahead and invent that dancecube - it'll be a total hit!

  5. You bet, Vahid!

    Jenny: 'kind of the same person'?! We'll have to agree to disagree on that. Or you can retract. ;)

    I have some interim dancecube thoughts in mind... we'll see...

    and hey, my w.v. is 'dismatig' ...sounds like disco to me!

  6. If you want some danceable Diana Ross music, listen to her "The Boss" album!

    Check out Dick's Diana Ross Website at: http://raketler.angelfire.com/


    Rest In Peace Michael Jackson