05 May 2009

Compelled to add

My parents deserve some additional credit for their low-key reaction to me coming out as they are turning 69 and 70* in the next couple of months. That means growing up in the 50s. In the South. As Baptists. Well, my Dad's parents were atheist and Catholic, but he converted to Baptism (Baptism? Is that right? To being a Baptist in any case). Clearly, the religious stuff did not drag over to the next generation. My parents read Franny and Zooey and decided it was better to let my brother and I figure out religion on our own even though one of the characters in the book has a breakdown doing just that. Left to our own devices, my bro and I developed no real interest in religion.

Huzzah for that. Also for my parents moving hundreds of miles away from their families to the Northeast.

*They'd been married for 13 years before they had me.

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