03 May 2009

While I'm waiting...

So, while we wait for my parents to get back into town... well, first a couple things on that.

Note to self, vol. XVI: Use a return receipt when you want to know someone's seen your email! My dad usually checks his email every day, but on days they're driving, it's up for grabs. I had to be all patient for a day. Can't believe it didn't even occur to me use a return receipt until way too late.

In reply, he updated me on their travel plans and also wrote: "Hope you had a good day on Saturday."

I did, in fact, drive over for Pride yesterday. It was a decent event, good for diverse people watching, but it was a lot smaller than the ones I'd been to in San Francisco and Long Beach. Made me miss LA. (I should probably go visit so I can focus on the smog, the traffic, and the tiny expensive apartments to get that ass-kicking place out of my head.)

It's worth noting that I spoke to my Mom briefly on Friday a couple hours after my email. She'd called and left a message while I was eating dinner; she couldn't remember the name of the show Pushing Daisies. I called back to tell her, not sure if they'd seen the email or not. It didn't seem like they had, but before she said goodbye, she said, "I love you."

I said, "I love you too," and then just as she hung up, it sounded like her throat caught as if she was about to cry. This made me wonder if they had read my email, but if you've been reading lately (or for a long time), you know my Mom is emotional just regularly, and particularly lately with all the stuff going on with my brother's health. (He's home and getting better but once he is, I think he goes back for surgery.)

So... I tried not to read anything into it and then got my Dad's email the next night.

As I've said, I'm very anti-after-school-special about the whole coming out deal, but I've been opening myself mentally to the idea since this isn't entirely about me. Well, it is, but whatever. To infer and be non-confrontational is probably my default mode, but I'm sick of limbo, so I will endeavor to be clear if any follow-up questions arise. There's blog fodder to be had in that. How ridiculous is it that that is actually a selling point for the sit-down talk approach? I <3 blogging.

That brings us up-to-date, so now I think I'll re-title and post this and then write the post I sat down to write.

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  1. Okay, so it seems like they know. Which is great! Now all you have to do is keep integrating more details into your conversations with them until they either initiate the sit-down themselves or just accept your out-ness in increasing doses.

    I also came out to my family in baby steps and successfully avoided a sit-down. I just sort of acted like, "Of course you'll accept this," which is arguably audacious. But to their credit, it worked.

  2. Audacious is good.

    Thanks very much for the support! The full story is up now.