08 June 2009


The painters are done. It's a good thing because I was so very close to throwing my window open and yelling, "How fucking long does it take you to set up a ladder!?!" to the guy outside my window this morning.

There's the initial bang when the top of the ladder hits the house. Then there are adjustments to make so that the ladder is at the proper angle, so it won't fall over laterally or backwards: I get that. But after the seventh or eighth full-bore bang in the space of a couple minutes? Come on.

He was just painting window trim so there'd be a few minutes of quiet and then the bangs would start all over again. Oh, and the heavy clomping of boots up and down the ladder, of course.
When I was visiting my brother a couple weeks ago, I helped his wife move some stuff up and down stairs. As I walked up the stairs to get another load, she said, "Oh, you don't have to be quiet. T stomps up and down them all the time. I'm used to it."

I gave her a quizzical look and then said, "I wasn't trying to be quiet. That's just how I walk."

Some people are naturally stompers it seems; I favor a light step when possible.
At some point, I drifted back to sleep and had a dream that I didn't wake up until 4 PM. I was lucid enough to wonder if it really was that late, but after a few moments I decided I didn't care if it was.

Eventually I got up--well before 4--and took a shower. It was my intention to take a quick shower, but it turned out to be the longest one I've taken in ages. There is definitely a linear relationship between how tired I am and how long my showers last. Another reason it's good that the painters are done.

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  1. We have a stomper in my office. Whether she has heels, flats or sneakers, it's "stomp stomp stomp." It's kind of annoying :(

  2. I'm sorry, that is a drag. I just don't get the appeal. Stomp to squash a bug, sure, stomp all the time... eh.