09 June 2009

12. Storm Front

12. Storm Front by Jim Butcher (4.5/5)

Chicago, present day. Mob bosses, gangs, drugs, some savvy women: a hard-nosed detective and a persistent tabloid reporter; and Harry Dresden, the only wizard in the yellow pages.
Lost Items Found. Paranormal Investigations.
Consulting. Advice. Reasonable Rates.
No Love Potions, Endless Purses, Parties, or Other Entertainment

When things go bump in the night, like the vampiress who runs an escort service, Harry is the man to call. Harry Dresden is the only openly practicing wizard in the country. Practitioners and creatures from the magical world tend to stay hidden, but a lot of regular people have a sense that more is out there, that science can't explain everything.

Storm Front is the first book of The Dresden Files series. You may recall that the SciFi channel made a short-lived series based on the books. I enjoyed the show, and my brother is a fan of the books, so I finally got around to reading one.

Fantasy is not a genre I really read, but Butcher's novel is really a P.I. story, told in engaging first person. The characters are well-drawn, distinct, each with her/his own motivations. If you like mysteries and enjoyed the Harry Potter movies but were completely unimpressed with the books, then Storm Front is well worth checking out. (It probably is if you liked the Harry Potter books or disliked the movies too. It's not exactly a fair comparison since Harry Potter is for kids and Harry Dresden is an adult with an adult's story. I mention it more for the somewhat similar flavor of the books' universes.)

In any case, I know I'll be reading more of the series.

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