10 June 2009

Damn, I should've changed my eye color...

Hmm, then again, just as well I didn't. Looks pretty freaky.
Turns out I pinned too many haircut hopes on Lifetime's virtual makeover, but I was entertained by it. Not only can you try out slews of hairstyles and colors on a virtual model or on a picture you upload, you can also mess with a variety of makeup, accessories, and backgrounds.

I confess I was thrown because I consider my hair dark brown but the closest color to mine they had was "natural black." Then again, I once told someone I was thinking of dyeing my hair black and she said, "Isn't it already?" I maintain, no, not really.

Anyway, the hair options were a bust because they didn't really have any options for my hair type. Most were for people with thick straight hair, with some for thick super curly hair. Nothing really in the curly/wavy fine realm. Ah well. It was enough to convince me that I should probably go short again instead of continuing to grow this mess out. Course even though I say that I'm having a sporadic good hair day today. We'll see.

I kinda do like the haircut pictured, but I also know my hair won't really do that. The straight pieces around the face? Never going to happen. Even the nice oh-so-smooth waves are a real long shot. Damn.

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