20 June 2009

It's short for Rococo. Obviously.

Remember the goat my Mom gave me post-trip but prior to my official coming out later that evening?

Allow me to introduce my big gay goat Rocco:

She's awesome.

And has cool lesbian super powers!

Trust me, it's OK if the rainbows get on you. ;)

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  1. that goat has a lot of work to do.

  2. LOL! I love the rainbow laser beams! Instead of Laser Cats (have you seen that SNL skit?), it's Laser Goat!

  3. /brandon\: Maybe she can take the Muad'Dib approach: Train 100 warriors to train the thousands that remain. From there, spreading rainbowliciousness should be easy. She's got a good head start on the rest of my stuffed animals...

    kilax: thank you! It took me a little while to work out in photoshop. And yes, I have seen Laser Cats- silly goodness.

  4. Cute AND super-powerful. She's my kinda lady.

  5. Definitely a nice face to see across the room when I wake up in the morning.

  6. Hee! She's gorgeous!

  7. I concur! She's very sure of herself, but super friendly. :)