28 April 2009

Best DVR frak-up to date

So I've started watching The L Word regularly. I know, just two months ago, I scoffed at the idea, but I've mostly come around. I say 'mostly' because I still prefer to watch it from a recording so I can fast-forward through certain dramas.

Last week, however, the ending got clipped off. LOGO shows it a bunch of times during the week, so I set my DVR to run for an extra five minutes or so after 2 AM Friday night/Saturday morning.

This time the network seemed to clip the ending a hair early skipping the end credits entirely. Immediately following, there were two women in bed talking. I figured it was a promotional bump for the network and wasn't paying too much attention until I recognized one of the voices, an English accent. Her hair was lighter, shorter, and straighter than what I'd seen her in recently--a show she plays with an American accent--so it took me a minute to place. And then I had it: Lena Headey.

And then the interview abruptly stopped because my recording ran out. I rewound to figure out what the show was but its intro had been clipped as well. A little web hunting revealed that the show is actually a vlog called Brunch With Bridget.

The Lena Headey episode wasn't online yet (now here), so I checked out this one:

Brunch With Bridget episode 13

And I was hooked. I've seen several episodes now, starting from the beginning, and they've all made me laugh hard. The host Bridget McManus is a comedian and lesbian who is funny, proud, stunning, and an enthusiastic supporter of her guests.

There are moments when in response to something her guest has said that her face has the greatest look of surprise or mock-shock; I can't help but grin. I am undeniably captivated.

What I didn't expect from watching Brunch With Bridget is how much it would lure contemplation of my own sense of identity to the fore.

More on that later.

For now, go check out the lovely Bridget McManus and Brunch With Bridget. (After work probably preferable.)

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