04 March 2007

Another wizard named Harry

I know a lot of people are enthralled by Harry Potter (I enjoyed the movies but was unimpressed with the 2 books I read), but I'd much rather watch Harry Dresden.

Based on Jim Butcher's novels, The Dresden Files are essentially P.I. stories set in Chicago. Harry's unique insight into crimes and other cases, however, comes from being a wizard. Like the Potter universe, not everyone is aware of magic, wizards, and creatures of the night. Dresden's wand is a drumstick; his staff, a hockey stick.

There's darkness in his past, he has a weakness for helping bad girls, and his humor is wry. Good stuff.

Check out The Dresden Files on SciFi at 9 PM Sundays (Who cares about those housewives anyway?) or catch the latest episode online.

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  1. I am watching it right now! :)

  2. OK, I am addicted to Desperate Housewives, so I will tape The Dresden Files to get a taste of it.

  3. SciFi often airs stuff more than once during the week, so there's likely other times you could catch it as well.

  4. Cool! I need to watch this! Thanks for the info, Claire!!