24 November 2005

Thanksgiving haiku

Partake in some holiday inspired amusement at my friend Cathy's blog.

Feel free to submit
your own haiku if you wish
in Cathy's comments.

Dad is shoveling
while Mom is throwing snowballs
up at my window.

In reply, I stuck
out my tongue and waved at her.
It looks cold outside.

You are, of course, welcome to leave Thanksgiving haiku here as well.


  1. Thanks for stopping by. happy thanksgiving.

  2. Thank you for stopping by as well. Stay safe.

  3. Claire and Chairborne thanks
    for stopping by their weblog,
    is this a haiku?

  4. lol, works for me. There are more rules for traditional haiku, but I'm just going with the 5-7-5 approach.

    Good job!

  5. Thanksgiving has passed
    We all knew it could not last
    - sorry I rhymed there

    Next week: Shakespearean sonnets...

  6. Bought a pre-cooked bird
    And awful pre-cooked stuffing
    Next year I will cook

  7. Turkey was quite good
    Pre-cooked was fast and easy
    Apple pie is best

  8. Scholiast- I have to love any poem that apologizes for rhyming within it.

    Merujo- I hope you had some good pie!

    Marq- yea! good to see you here.

    Bravo everybody! Oh, and this was actually my first haiku the other day from over at Cathy's:

    Thanksgiving haiku?
    This could become addictive.
    Now, another verse...

    There is snow here too.
    I don't expect it to last.
    Sunday, it will melt.

    We already ate
    the breakfast of champions.
    It's time for dessert.