17 November 2005

It's just my nature

AlwaysWrite wrote about attending a blogger happy hour yesterday. I find meeting new people really stressful, so I'm always impressed when people do such things willingly.

It sounded like they all had a good time, so I checked out the Meetup site she'd found the listing on. I admit I was relieved there were no blogger gatherings near me. In fact, the only group close to me is for witches. In elementary school, a girl from my class claimed her mom was a real witch, and I do watch Charmed, but that's it for my ice breakers.

Further away there's one for vampires. Vampires! They're listed right after "Moms" in the "Cultures & Community" category. If there were a Sheriff Hartwell to meet, I could see going, but even if there were, he'd be keeping a low profile, so it doesn't seem worth the effort.


  1. I just checked out the Meetup site myself. I think I'd rather go to the vampires and witches meetings than the boring PhP computer geek one near me.

  2. I didn't see a single techie group within 40 miles of me- not that that would be a draw.

    However, there are also pagans, paranormal researchers, and people with pets (mostly dogs).

  3. Not much happening in Oslo, apparently. Except a meeting for extreme programming... What is that? extreme sports for geeks, or something?

  4. My, my, all these gatherings! Has noone got real life friends anymore?

    Don't worry, Rarity, we can have a blogger get-together just the two of us. :)

    Word verification of today: hzxbklhx - sounds a lot like hex which is (almost) witch in Norw.. How's that for fate / coincidence!

  5. Rarity- Hmm. I've never heard of extreme programming. It does sound geek heavy though.

    Scholiast- In my case, I've moved several times so many of my real life friends are now thousands of miles away.

    I like that wv: z's and x's are cool. :)

  6. I was really nervous at the first one last month, and I almost left early but a couple guys ushered me into conversation and from there it was a blast. Take it from a career wallflower: You just need one person to help you break the ice. I hope they start up a meetup near you. You could start your own!

  7. Past the ice-breaker, I'm usually ok, but before that my old shyness takes hold, sometimes to the level of panic attack.

    But I'll keep an eye out for a local blogscene.

  8. Shame you aren't here, Claire! It would be nice to see you, along with Always Write (who was lovely company!) But, if you ever find yourself in DC, you'll have plenty of company. :-)

  9. Thanks, Merujo. It's possible I may be visiting thereabouts at some point. I'll just have to remember to include 'meet bloggers' in my itinerary.