16 June 2009

Not my dog

But he's still my favorite.* Kody was my ambassador to dogs after being bitten, chased up trees, charged, and lunged at. Kody could get his bark on, but he was mellow. I learned what he was trying to communicate, helped him up when he needed it, and he would actually listen to me sometimes if I pulled out my best alpha-dog voice.

The only other time I leaned over a dog this close--I was five--I got my forehead chomped, and I've still got the scar to prove it.

*I can't believe it's been 5 years since you passed away. I miss our walks, buddy.

Damn, I really didn't set out to write a post that would make me teary. Sniff. OK, I'm good now.

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  1. He looks half Chow/half Huskie or Malamut (sp?). Am I close?

  2. He's a Samoyad, so I think you were on the right track with Huskie.

  3. Those eyes could even win over my cats. Maybe.

  4. What a cutie :) I would still be sniffy after 5 years too ;)

  5. Kody was my guy. I mean, not technically since he wasn't my dog, but yeah. We were simpatico.