01 February 2011

The Blue Shirt

It may sound crazy, but I have a long sleeve t-shirt that I haven't worn in several years because it's my favorite color and I don't want it to fade in the wash.

But today, standing in front of my closet, I was tired of the dark and subdued, and the intense twilight blue seemed just the thing.

I was surprised when I put it on though. It's ridiculously huge. I got the shirt in high school or college. I wasn't big back then, if anything, I've trimmed back down to those slim times in the past year.

The shirt is a testament to my self-consciousness back then. Don't get me wrong: I'm still all for loose, just not *that* loose.

Just checked the tag: it's a large. Assuredly men's. I wear smalls now –usually about the right fit– and mediums (when brands run too small and from my pre-existing collection. Sure there are still some larges in there, just not large larges.). Huh. Still mostly men's natch.

After I run my blue shirt through the wash, I'm going to retire it, not back to my closet shelf but to someone who will wear it.

Two years ago on TTaT: "delicate slut strings"

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  1. I wore a lot of overly huge men's sweaters when I was in college (handed down from my cousins). I never realized how much I hid my body until one day I wore something that actually fit and a classmate said, "Oh my God! You're skinny!"

  2. I totally had experiences like that too. My response would usually be: "Yeah... so?"

    It's always seemed silly to me to make assumptions about peoples' body types, well, at all, but certainly based on clothing choices.

  3. I remember I went through a big + baggy flannel shirt and work boot phase in college. I gave one of my flannel shirts to my larger/taller younger brother years later and it was huge on him.

  4. Love that, Elizabeth! I've got 1 flannel shirt now- it was my granddad's and though the sleeves are the perfect length, the body is huge on me. I just wear it open as another layer.