05 February 2010

The return of the owl

On Tuesday, I told twitter: Saw something pale beige with a huge wingspan soar through the woods today. Scoped it w/some binoculars once it landed: an owl. Very cool!

Yesterday, the owl was back and I had a camera on my desk. After consulting her bird books, mom thinks it's a barred owl. Anyone know differently?

owl face on
owl with head turned behind itself
I've got loads more photos, but I thought you might enjoy some video. Amazing how still the owl's body remains as its head turns.

(run time 0:31)

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  1. My bird book (Peterson Field Guide) would confirm it. Looks like a barred owl to me too. Beautiful! Owls are my favorite.

  2. Thanks, Emily. It's always nice to have outside confirmation.

  3. Owl came to me in a dream the other night, with a promise of extravagant love. He showed me that I'm healthier without my fears, and that was why he came to me, to hunt out my fears and release them.

    I just commented on Havi's VPA, below your comment, and your owl now comes and reminds me of my dream, and again, to tell me my fears are releasable. My fears are nothing more than mice for Owl to hunt.

    Thank you, Claire.

  4. You're most welcome, Karen. If your owl has anything like the vigilance, speed, and power of the one I saw, your fears haven't got a chance. :)