20 February 2006

The Gargle is On

Human petri dish is not how I care to think of myself, but the white spots at the back of my throat can't be denied. I feel kinda tired, but otherwise ok, so I'm taking it easy today in hopes of staving this off.

Salt water, do your thing.

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  1. Bet you got some kind of sexy phlegm going, don't you?

    Hope you feel better. I was out sick from work on Friday.

  2. oh i remember those pesky white spots. take good care.

    :) sizz

  3. Feel better. Hopefully, you can go back to bed and watch Oprah today rather than work.

  4. White spots? Sounds like strep. Good times.

  5. Gotta say gargling with Listerine is not for the faint of heart, but the white spots (indeed a strep sign) are gone today. Very tired still though.

    Neil: that's one advantage of being unemployed I guess. One quick trip to the bank (all drive-thru) and I'm in for the rest of the day.

    I think i will now go lounge by the tv since sitting up by the computer is proving tiring.

    Thanks everyone for the healthy wishes.