04 February 2010

Winter water drops

I was heading down the hall to get a shower when I glanced into a room and saw windows covered in water drops from a heavy winter's rain. My brain flicked the switch for tunnel vision: the pattern of the drops, the way they diffused the landscape outside like an impressionist painting, the grid of the window screens. I quickly set my stack of clothes down on the bathroom counter and returned to the windows with camera in hand.

water drops, window grid
water drops, landscape through window
water drops MWS
water drops MCU
water drops MCU
water drops MCU
I particularly love the convex reflections of the window screen within many of the drops as well as the few droplets upon drops. The hint of amber edging many of them is the light from an interior lamp. To view these details more clearly, click an image to enlarge it.

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  1. Waterdrops are so elegantly beautiful! One of life's little blessings! :)

  2. Yeah, they have a lot of appeal.

  3. you captured the raindrops so beautifully!