19 March 2006

Was I not already doing this for free?

There's really no end to what you can stumble upon on the internet. The descriptive portion of the one-liner sponsored link above my email inbox read: Completely track your menstrual cycles for free.

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  1. Completely track your menstrual cycles for free.

    The answer to all of my prayers!

    Aye yay yay...

  2. Wow. A service that I didn't even know I needed.

    Thank you sooooo much.

  3. i'm always surprised when it happens. like "oh--already? crap, so that's why i've been hating the world for the last 24 hours..."

  4. BW and Michele: exactly. I swear the site even makes it look complicated.

    Cathy: I've never understood that, but you must be their target audience. Sign up and get email reminders!

  5. Dude, I AM ON THE PILL and I still have that moment when I wonder why I've eaten my weight in rice crispie treats....