02 March 2006

Storm rolls in

Outside my window, the snow is coming down so hard and fast right now that it looks like white rain. The trees beyond look like a faded black and white photograph.

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  1. And no photographic evidence? What gives?

  2. Story of everyone's lives these days, it seems. Sam's posting photos, I'm posting polar bears..

  3. The snow fell so hard and so fast on my street today, that when I got back from downtown, it was blinding in its whiteness, and cars hadn't had a chance to dirty it yet. I still don't think the plows have been here, though. argh.

  4. Kevin: I don't actually own a digital camera, so sometimes (often) taking one shot is more hassle than it's worth. Besides, a picture isn't always necessary-see Ms.Sizzle's comment.

    Scholiast: I've always been fond of polar bears.

    Jeopardygirl: It wasn't bright enough here for a white-out, but it did mute everything. I hope they've been by to plow by now. We still have to contend with the driveway if we want to go out.

    Sizz: thank you. :)