03 March 2006

It's an honor just to be nominated

Neil is hosting Carnival of the Mundane 5 over at Citizen of the Month. It's a sort of link-fest celebrating posts that relate ordinary things in a unique way. Neil explains it in more detail here.

My submission Question Mark, Jerk received the distinction of a nomination for the "Most Mundane Post of the Year" award.

OK, so the awards show is completely fake, but it's still pretty cool.

Go and check out some other great posts.

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  1. We both got nominated! Woo hoo!

    But neither of us actually won, did we?

  2. No winner as such, hence the fake award show mention.

  3. I'm still trying to figure out why we got nominated. My entry didn't get sent until Thursday, so maybe we were just last? When did yours get sent in?

  4. Last Sunday, so that's not it. I thought of it as a nod to the 5 posts Neil liked most of all the submissions- but it may have been arbitrary. He'd be the one to ask.

  5. I know it was all fake. Just being a smart aleck.