10 March 2006


The long, drawn-out "Duuuude" that heralds a downer of a tale or happens to be the response to one, this I say now. Perhaps it's offered as my own solace.

I have of late, though wherefore I know not, lost all my mirth.

Such days my mind sinks the blogosphere into a virtual high school full of cliques, clowns, and one claire's desire to be popular.

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  1. Don't we all have those down days!!! Hepls keep you emotionally balanced!


  2. Find your mirth! Find your mirth!

    If you find a fountain of it, can you bring back a bit extra for me?

  3. Hmm. You keep me happy reading your blog, hope you find that pizzazz again...

  4. i tend to use "duuuude" as an expression of wonder or excitement. As in "Duuuude! Nice car!"

    Buck up, dude. :]

  5. Fitena: now if only I'd have some manic days. ;)

    Kevin: Considering my history, extra mirth is pretty unlikely, but I'll keep an eye out and we'll see.

    Scholiast: thanks.

    Cathy: lol. i think I usually say "s-weeet" in that case, but I can dig that dude usage. Heck, back in high school, my best friend's dad nicknamed me 'dude.'