18 March 2006


If it's healthier for you to sit or stand up straight, maintaining good posture, why is slouching so comfortable?

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  1. if it's healthier to eat vegetables, why is bacon so tasty?

  2. Well, it's like anything that's bad for you feels good at the time you do/eat it. Actually, I find slouching to be a pretty uncomfortable if I do it for long periods of time. (And Bacon IS tasty ;))

  3. If slouching were a profession, I'd be managing directress.. And who'd think carrots are more healthy than chocolate, judging by the taste?

    .. What's good for us obviously isn't what tastes / feels good ..

  4. Sara: exactly!

    Honey Bunny: you guys are making me want bacon now.

    Jeopardy Girl: I don't slouch so much while standing... it's the sitting that gets me.

    Scholiast: I must confess that I really like carrots (though I do love chocolate more).