22 March 2006

The Grey Goods

If you're a fan of Grey's Anatomy* and like dvd commentary, you should check out their free podcasts** and writers' blog. The music guide is something I wish every show had.

*The music off switch is on the right above the show title.
**The podcasts are also available for free at the iTunes music store.

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  1. That music guide is brilliant. I was reading the blog for a little while but became bored with it. May have to check out the podcasts, though. Thanks!

  2. I loved the music that Cristina and Burke danced to and was so psyched by how easy it was to find on their site.

    A note on the podcasts: don't mind the obsequious girl at the beginning of each- she just does an intro and sometimes wrap up at the end, so you can skip past her. The rest is varied and sometimes wacky including talks with the actors and the creators.